Friend or Foe


    Starting college is something that all young women look forward to - leaving home, escaping you’re protective parents, a new experience and a chance to study what you want. The anticipation is thick and move in comes faster than we think.

    Meeting friends in college is easy. Everyone is new, and everyone left behind their friends from high school for this new experience. That’s when the battle really begins, the battle of fighting through peer pressure. Whether it’s skipping class to go smoking and drinking, staying out late and going places you wouldn’t usually go, as a freshmen there are endless traps. These distractions and people will be masked as your friend. It will be hard to distinguish, but time will tell. There is going to be a person that you’re going to close with but you must remember if they’re your friend or not.

Ask yourself these following questions:

1)Does this person encourage you to drink even against your will?

2)Does this person encourage you to skip class?

3)Does this person encourage you fall back on the positive things you’re working on?

     If you answered yes to any of these questions this person isn’t a friend. This person is a foe. Although they may be a good listening ear and storyteller, they genuinely don’t want the best for you. Being optimistic and open in college is required however you should lose your focus for someone masked as a friend.

Good luck on your college experience ladies and do your best to overcome all forms of peer pressure!