Tips for Incoming College Freshman


Establish ground rules with your roommate from the beginning. // Your roommate can ultimately make or break your freshman year. Make sure you maintain a friendly and respectful relationship with them and try your best to have open conversations about anything that’s bothering you within the living space. Living with someone new might not be something you’re used to, so try to understand that this will be an adjustment that you’re going to figure out with time.

Find a new balance between your social life and your responsibilities as a student. // For the majority of students, freshman year of college is the first time they’re “on their own.” While it can be tempting to say yes to every party and every outing with your new friends, it’s important to understand the real reason you’re there in the first place. Your studies need to be a major priority while away at school because to put it frankly, they’ll pave the road to your future.

Try to maintain healthy eating habits. // There’s a reason many people believe in the “Freshman Fifteen.” College food options are not always the healthiest and your mom isn’t there to make you eat your vegetables anymore. Try to be conscious of what you’re consistently eating and if it’s more unhealthy than usual, consider going to your school gym to try to keep your body healthy.

Don’t buy your books from your bookstore until you do your research. // While it’s nice to support your college/university, college is expensive enough as it is and books are an added expense. Use websites such as Chegg or Amazon and compare their prices with your bookstores. It can be an easy way to save some money in arguably the most expensive four years of your life.

Organization can go a long way. // As a college freshman you’ll be taking a minimum of 12 credits if you’re a full time student. At most universities that means you’ll be taking at least four classes. These classes will be more demanding than high school classes and you’ll need to stay on top of all of them. Consider buying a planner or a calendar for your room to mark down important due dates for all of your classes.

Don’t be afraid to communicate with your professors. // Your professors are there to help you learn; take note of their office hours if you’re having any trouble and are needed extra help.  Also pay attention if your school has peer tutoring, some students learn easier from their peers.

Don’t forget your home friends. // While away at school it can be easy to forget that you have a separate life at home. It can be nice to reach out to your home friends every once and awhile to make sure they’re doing well.

Join a club or a team to meet new friends // Meeting people can be hard at first, so joining a club or a team with people who have similar interests can be a quick and easy way to make your first few friends while away at school.

Try to call your parents. // Just like it’s your first time away from home, it’s your parents first time letting you go. It’s important to understand that while they’re excited for you, they’re also going to miss having you under their roof. Try to be considerate and give them a few phone calls throughout the week, it’ll go a long way.

HAVE FUN!! // These next four years are going to be some of the best years of your life! Don’t take it for granted. You’re there for your studies but you’re going to have a blast along the way and you’ll make life long friends on your journey. Make sure you make the most of your college years so you have no regrets in the future!