The Beauty of Solo Travel


     Solo travel can be daunting to think about at first. If someone were to ask me 3 years ago if I would travel alone, I would immediately say “NO.” As time flew by, I’ve become quite comfortable with the idea of traveling solo. While traveling with friends and family can be eye-opening, solo travel expands your horizons and your advantages. If you don’t have any obligatory ties with anyone or anything, why not?

It’s the Perfect Chance For You to Get to Know Yourself // What’s enriching about solo travel is that you get to know yourself better. I spend most of my days with people and sometimes I need a break to recharge my social meter. I cherish time alone, and solo travel helps me to focus on myself while also bringing to light both my weaknesses and strengths. Traveling introduces the little child in you that was overly excited at visiting the familiar monuments only read in books and expands your intuition on life in general.

You’ll Be Forced Out Your Comfort Zone. // Being out in the world requires focus. Traveling to unknown places and talking to locals will challenge you to take that leap of faith. It’ll challenge you to think outside the box, say “yes” to the unplanned outings, and overcome various obstacles that seem impossible. Putting yourself out there will prompt you to explore this breathtaking planet in abundant ways.

Making Friends Becomes Easier // Traveling alone is also a plus because encountering new friends becomes less difficult. Because you’re a sole traveler, it makes you more willing to spark up conversation with locals and other travelers. Locals are more interested in travelers who are visiting their country and likely to help travelers in need.

Choosing Your Own Route // When traveling alone, picking the places you want to eat and visit becomes easier. When traveling with people, you often have to compromise which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you just won’t get the opportunity to do the stuff that you want to do. Solo travel gives you the chance to squeeze in those extra activities and plan your holiday to your benefit.

It’ll Boost Your Confidence // Stepping foot on a plane itself is an accomplishment, let alone traveling to different country. Traveling alone will challenge your limits and test your ability to withstand obstacles and overcome them. Your ability to cope with obstacles during your travels will make you a stronger individual and open to challenge.

     Whether hiking up the Mount Blanc or visiting the sunny-side villas in Southern Spain, solo travel broadens the mind, body, and spirit and will expose life’s greatest treasures to those who are curious. Embark on a self-discovery trip and channel your inner Liz Gilbert. Bon voyage!