Things You Don't Need In Your College Dorm


     I couldn’t wait to move into college 3 years ago. I can remember walking up and down hastily each aisle while trying to look for college essentials at Target. But compared to my fellow classmates, I barely bought half the essentials as they had. It’s incredible how much money is spent on college essentials alone. Now that’s a lot of 0’s.

However, if you want to avoid being just another statistic, you might want to reconsider what your shopping list. Your dorm can still look poppin’ and on a budget!

Printer  // The funny thing about printers is that they’re everywhere on campus. Whichever college you end up accepting provides various options for printing, most likely in the residence halls and the library.

Clothes for Summer, Fall, Winter…Spring? // Don’t even waste your time buying a bunch of bins to pack you clothes in. College furniture does not have the luxury of decent size and chances are, your clothes end up not fitting in there. Instead, pack clothes that you know you’ll wear during the fall and winter semester or spring and summer semesters. That way you won’t take up unnecessary space.

Books // Although I’m an avid reader and I would always recommend hoarding books, I’d say leave these at home unless you’re absolutely sure you’ll read them.

Coffee Maker // As a coffee addict myself, I personally support leaving that $25 Keurig where it belongs: in stock. There’s plenty of coffee options on campus such as the dining hall, the cafe, and the library!

The most extraordinary four years of your life begins the moment you step foot in your dorm room. Your dorm room may not be extravagant but as long as you have all your essentials, what more could you possibly need?