These Cute School Supplies Will Keep You Organized All Year


     For students who are just starting high school or college and even those who are already in school, staying organized is always the easiest the first couple of weeks. It isn’t until week two or even week three until the weight of the courses take full effect and it just seems like there’s no time for a break. This is also when organization sometimes gets thrown out the window because it simply feels like there’s no time to do anything. As a seasoned organizer, I can say there are many, many different ways to stay organized during the school year (even during what feels like the MOST hectic school days!) and look like you have your whole life together. The best part, these school supplies are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Get ready for tons of compliments and questions on how you stay so organized… – Academic Planner //

The most obvious of all school supplies is having a planner to well, plan. There’s no way anyone could remember every little thing they have to get done on top of studying and other extracurricular activities (if you’re one of those people, then you must be superhuman). This simple, fashionable academic planner is fully-equipped with year, month, and week views, plus artwork and stickers for that extra cuteness.


mochithings – Better Together Organizer //

A sleek and simple design, this organizer is a fully-functional pouch designed to keep everything in one place. It can hold anything and everything from a smartphone, iPad, laptop, sticky notes, pens and pencils, notebooks, wallet, headphones, etc. It’s a literal dream organizer.


RIFLE PAPER Co. – File Folders //

What really saved me from misplacing loose notes, handouts and graded tests/quizzes (that I would need later for exams) was having file folders. One folder for each class and labelled. The good thing about using file folders as opposed to regular folders is the convenience of the tabs on the side. It’s a lot easier to find a folder among other folders when the label is sticking out. Also, all of their folders are designed beautifully, so why not be stylish while being organized?


Muji – Cat Stickies Memo //

Why settle for plain and boring sticky notes when there’s ones shaped like cats? They’re a lot more fun to look at and could make reading a painstakingly long textbook a lot less boring.


Koogel – Multicolor Notecard Ring //

This notecard ring easily keeps flashcards for that big test or exam all together in one place. It can be attached to a keychain, backpack or bracelet, for easy studying on-the-go.


Paperchase + Kikki.K – Pencil Case //

As a stationery addict myself, I will always come prepared with a pencil case full of highlighters, pens of different ballpoint sizes, and colored pens, pencils, etc. Having all of the writing utensils I need together in one place for me to easily grab out of my backpack is super convenient. Paperchase and Kikki.K have some of the cutest pencil cases that are also fully-functional and easy to carry around in a bag.