The Dark Side of Empowerment


    Before I begin I would like to make the point clear that I will always support women’s empowerment and equality between both genders; however, what I cannot support is suppressing another to lift ourselves up.

    In a nation where people have the right to speak freely it often seems that many have different interpretations on how freely one can speak.

     Women’s empowerment has been an ongoing issue for centuries, and as time goes on us women possess a growing amount of victories. Recently though, I’ve noticed that a certain number of women oriented movements have changed their motivations for the worse.

     The key to a successful movement is a combination of popularity and support you receive from the people of the world. Some movements though, such as the #metoo movement contain so much power that it can ruin someone’s life. reports that business across America suddenly felt as if they had to, “tiptoe around people,” and how “you [really} can’t even be yourself.” #Metoo has started a wide split in the feminist world, dividing it into two sides; the extreme feminist and the plain feminist.

      Cases where women falsely accuse men of rape or sexual misconduct often found themselves shortly in the limelight as they were supported by hundreds of women who assume that their story was true all because of a hashtag. Even though cops and judges will eventually find out the truth, the people of the world might not care about the result but about the accusation. Some false accusations have caused men in the world to lose their jobs with little to no chance of getting it back all because of a woman, or man, pointing their finger in their direction. Another problem with certain women’s movements is that they succeed based on tearing down the other genders.

     In the beginning women’s movements were about a chance at equality. Now, they’re about a chance at surpassing all the other genders.

Few modern movements are no longer about empowerment; they’re about succession.

     When we empower one we must not suppress the other. I see a lot also that with these women’s movements they seem to aggrandize a single story to support their cause without knowing the true story behind it. In today’s age many do not see the suppression that acts within these movements. Empowerment is to give power. When something has too much power it can be dangerous, both to the movement’s cause and to the people.

     #Metoo is not the only movement that has a darker side to it. Certain feminist movements can also cross over into the dark side a little bit. Sometimes the end goal may never change for a movement but the path they take can be shifted. That’s also to say that just because a movement may have some bad points you shouldn’t completely cast it aside. In the end the women’s movement may be the one that shows the world what real feminist think; equality between all genders, and a chance to show what we can really do in this world.