Back to School Fashion Essentials

    School is starting, and with that is ton of pressure.   Friends, teachers, assignments, extracurricular activities, exams, and to top it all off, the need to have some semblance of a normal social life. If you are an incoming freshman, or a transfer student—this only augments nervousness.  Whether you are in high school or college the pressure is essentially the same. To fix this, it is important to feel comfortable and your most confident self. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that you are looking fabulous and fashionable.   Now that summer is basically over—enter this new season the right way and showing your best self. Set the tone for the new semester and school year the right way with these back-to-school essentials. \

Dad Sneakers //Dad sneakers have slowly made its way into people’s hearts in the last year or so.  Different celebs from Bella Hadid to Kim Kardashian have set this new trend. Brands like Balenciaga have popularized this ugly yet cute shoe.  If you don’t have or want to spend close to a $1,000 on this shoe don’t worry. There are cheaper alternatives. You too can achieve this look without breaking the bank. Dad sneakers can be paired with anything from bicycle shorts, jeans, sweats, athleisure wear, to even dresses.  Including these sneakers in your back-to-school haul will surely give you a fun and trendy look.

Fila Disruptor 2 Premium Repeat sneakers allow you to be on trend on a budget.  Retailing at only $65, it is a great alternative. 65$ sounds an awful lot better than $1,000, right?

Printed Pants // Having a pair of well fitted printed pants will give any wardrobe a boost.  They can be paired in many different ways and only prove to make a great and bold statement.  

These pants can be worn for almost any season and in very different ways.  Feel like wearing jeans and tee shirt? Swap the jeans for a pair of printed pants and see how your look instantly transforms.  Achieve a similar look as the one shown with Forever 21’s Checkered Woven Pants which retails for only $35.  

The Perfect Backpack // Yes, a backpack’s purpose is carry books and other school essentials.  However, having the right backpack is absolutely important. Something like this has to be stylish and practical.  Think of it this way, you carry the backpack everywhere so you want something that is flattering and goes with everything you wear.  Because of this, it is important that you are wearing a backpack you actually like.

Thrasher // This skater brand is really popular beyond skater life.  Thrasher shirts give an edgy and laid back look to any outfit.  Whether you are a skater or not, it would be fun to have a Thrasher shirt in your collection.  Having a shirt or a hoodie can spice up a super casual look. Check out the Thrasher website to see pieces that can suit your style.