Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Right into the Fall


     Ok, so summer is quickly coming to a close.  For most people, this pretty much means no more beaches, summer tans, and sundresses. This is tragedy enough, but does this mean all of your favorite things about summer have to be given up? The answer is simple—absolutely not!! There are so many ways to keep that summer feeling going right into the fall. You may have to wait another year before you can completely return to summer; however, this does not mean that you have to give up all of its luxuries.  Even as the leaves change and the temperature cools, you can still enjoy some of your favorite summer essentials in autumn. Below are some easy ways to incorporate key summer pieces with fall fashion.

    Don’t put all of those summer dresses away!  From short, midi, and maxi, summer dresses do not have to exclusively remain for summer.  Shorter dresses can be paired with sheer or opaque stockings. Even without tights they can still be worn with a jacket. Layering this piece with a jacket or blazer beautifully transitions a summer look into fall.  This look can be tied together with the perfect hat and—Voila! You are ready for the fall!

     With longer midi or maxi length dresses, given the cooler breeze—the most that needs to be done to these pieces is adding extra layers for warmth. Adding a few layered pieces and the right shoes can completely transform these pieces for the right season.  Adding knee high boots give off a chic and classic look. The longer sleeved chiffon dresses worn in early summer days can make a comeback as well. These pieces are useful for many different seasons if paired correctly.

    Pair any length skirt with long sleeved tops and sweaters.  Long sleeves and sweaters balance out the skirts on the bottom.  Not only is this a defense for the colder weather, the integration of textures and patterns creates a nice look.  Fall fashion does not always comprise of the requisite browns, reds, and golds. If done correctly, Summer patterns make a great statement amidst standard fall colors.  

     Ultimately, a lot things in the summer can be worn in the fall given it be paired with the right pieces.  The key is to have the right fall essentials in order to execute these looks. Scarves, boots, booties, jackets, blazers, sweaters, tights, and hats should definitely not be left out of your fall wardrobe.  These are the pieces that will expand your collection. They make your style more dynamic and this is the goal.

If you follow these different tips, you are sure to have an amazing and enviable fall wardrobe.