Mini Resolutions You'll Be Sure to Keep


New Year, new me, right? At least that’s what millions of Americans across the nation say once the new year rolls along. And with every new year comes the dreaded new year resolutions. These new year resolutions are made with a good heart but can often lead to more harm than good. It’s said that less than five percent of Americans actually hold through on their new year’s resolutions. What seems to be the problem is that these resolutions are meant to last such a long time that not many people can handle the how long term it actually can be. This can lead to those certain people feeling worse about themselves than how they started off. Here are 52 “mini” resolutions, a new one for every week of the year, that will not only give you a good sense of accomplishment but may have the potential to turn into a lifelong habit. Feel free to swap the numbers as much as you please.

Week 1.) Watch a movie that you have never watched before

Week 2.) Try saying yes for a whole 24 hour period.

Week 3.) Get in touch with someone who you really haven't talked too much but would like to.

Week 4.) Do a random act of kindness.

Week 5.) Go on a road trip.

Week 6.) Build a Snowman.

Week 7.) Have a sleepover or late nighter.

Week 8.) Bake some sweets.

Week 9.) Have a family gathering.

Week 10.) Read a book you’ve always wanted to read.

Week 11.) Plan a vacation.

Week 12.) Write in a journal about your week

. Week 13.) Try eating healthier.

Week 14.) Listen to a complete Broadway musical soundtrack.

Week 15.) Go on a nature hike.

Week 16.) Exercise more than usual.

Week 17.) Film a day (or week) in your life.

Week 18.) Get into a new hobby.

Week 19.) Watch a play.

Week 20.) Plan, or go, out on a date.

Week 21.) Go to the beach.

Week 22.) Do something you’ve always been too scared to do.

Week 23.) Buy yourself something special.

Week 24.) Give someone something special.

Week 25.) Tell someone how much they mean to you.

Week 26.) Go to a party.

Week 27.) Go stargazing.

Week 28.) Try out a new sport.

Week 29.) Attempt to reach out to someone from your childhood.

Week 30.) Give back to your community.

Week 31.) Learn something new.

Week 32.) Teach someone something new.

Week 33.) Try to read a book that’s never been heard before.

Week 34.) Find an interesting hobby.

Week 35.) Try writing a short story or write anything really.

Week 36.) Learn how to cook new things.

Week 37.) Give gifts to all people you’re thankful for.

Week 38.) Throw a party for a family member.

Week 39.) Visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

Week 40.) Discover a hidden talent.

Week 41.) Learn how to compliment someone in their own language.

Week 42.) Find the best candy you’ve ever had.

Week 43.) Attempt to make your own costume.

Week 44.) Learn how to dance, even to just one song.

Week 45.) Get all work done one day before the deadlines.

Week 46.) Play harmless pranks on your friends.

Week 47.) Go to a Thanksgiving parade.

Week 48.) Make someone feel a little less alone.

Week 49.) Write letters to your future self.

Week 50.)Learn a new subject.

Week 51.) Open your heart to new love.

Week 52.) Love yourself and cherish every moment.