Three Steps to an Organized Life


Getting that assignment submitted at the last minute or that presentation due at midnight: All of these feel quite amazing because of the exhilarating rush that fills us up with that exciting sense of adventure. But what happens when a one-time affair, it becomes a long-term relationship with endlessly failed deadlines and a pile full of unfinished chores? With no happy endings to give us that sense of completion and the feeling of not accomplishing what you set out to do, things can take a heavy toll on us. It is in times like these that most of us desperately wish for those Christmas miracles.

As the new year rolls in, it's becomes our saviour, the shooting star in the sky of our life's universe to give us the glimmer of hope that we had been waiting for all these months. That optimism though, lasts for the first few months but slowly starts to slip away as life shows no signs of change and we feel hopeless again.

If your story is similar to this, I want you to know, you are not alone! This year I want to share with you this 3-step process of making a daily plan that changed my life for the better and made me take back the control that I had given away to the idea of fate. This process will help you design and create a life plan that is made for you. It will help you stick to that plan and will make living life to the fullest a habit rather than it being just a quote hung on your Pinterest board. So here we go :  

STEP 1: Understand why you want to plan your life in the first place.
It's extremely essential for you to know the reason behind your desire to organize your life. Is it because you failed to accomplish your new years' goals or you forgot major projects this semester? You have to write down what is it that is pushing you to chalk out a life plan. It is important to not just understand that we have our drive but to look into the inner workings of what is the source of that drive.

STEP 2: Know that you are planning for yourself!
Now that you know why you want to do this, the next step is to consciously repeat to yourself that you are planning for your present self. That seems so obvious, but so many times, we get caught up in the futuristic image of our best selves such that we plan as if we have already reached that phase. The problem arises when we can't follow through because along with that mental image of what we are to become, sticking to that “high productivity” plan requires the experience and values that we learn along the way. Ladies, becoming your best self is not a destination, rather it is a journey that we're a part of throughout our life. So why plan with the imaginary tools of the future when we can start with what is already present in our hands today.

Try what works best for you right now. Is it an hourly planner or the classic 5-tasks to-do list that makes you want to complete the task at hand?

STEP 3: Explore what went wrong in the past.
All that is left now is to retrospect and start accessing what went wrong in the past. Think back to all the times that you wrote down that schedule that you thought was perfect and taped it on the fridge door. Now, remember the week you first started following that plan. What felt unnatural to you? What problems did you face? Maybe you wanted to start working out in the morning rather than at night because someone told you you'll burn more fat that way but the more mornings you hit the gym, the worse you felt throughout the day. It so happens that when we sit to organise our time, we forget to consider the most important aspect of it all. We forget to listen to our own bodies. What worked for your colleague may not work for you. The bottom line is if it doesn't feel right, don't plan it like that. Try to put your own spin on it. Maybe just going for simple early morning jogs can work for you. Remember this is your life's plan. You are making it for your own comfort. So, be honest to ourselves first through this process.  

With a clear purpose, a solid schedule that we know works for us and the wisdom from the lessons of the past: you're all set to build the organized life you've always wished for. I hope this 2019 you take that desire to better yourself and channel it as your inspiration.  We all want to reach the level of our higher selves from becoming a better daughter, a better mother, a better sister to a better person. This year, I hope you take control of your life because it is only you who has the power to make it the way you want it to be.

So be the better you that you know that you are.
Do the better things that you know you are capable of.
And in the process, don't forget to feel better about your own self and the decisions you make to get to your happy place.
Best of luck! I know you can do it.