How to Handle the Punches of Life


Life is an expert at hitting us where it hurts. When the punches served by life gets to be  too much to handle, it’s easy for us to find the motivation or energy to stand strong again. Some say don’t let others see you breakdown, which leads to bottling things up until they explodes. Others say to stop complaining about the hardship we’re dealt, and belittle what we’re going through. Now it’s time to squash the myths, here are a few ways to stand tall when life seems to keep bringing the punches.

As strange as it sounds one of the best ways to handle hardship is to let the tears flow. Grab a box of tissues, a close friend, and find a space to cry it all out. One of the biggest myths is that crying is a sign of weakness. The truth is crying is a natural stress reliever and is a sign of strength. Keeping all the yucky parts of what’s going in our lives bottled up is hazardous in the long run. It’s important that we let out what we’re feeling. Not only crying, but any other emotions, such as anger, frustration or stress. The longer we let things simmer inside the bigger the mess when it explodes.

If the need to cry isn’t there, it’s also a good idea to talk to someone about what’s going on. No one will judge us for having a bad day, or experiencing a rough patch that has left us overwhelmed. The people who love us just want to make sure we’re okay. The first step to standing up in hardship is letting someone we trust know what’s going on. We’re never alone, even in our most loneliest moments, someone wants to listen without judgement. We’re not meant to do life alone. Some great moments aren’t solely for friends and family. The not so good moments can make a huge difference when we reach out for support from those who love us.

When life strikes hard sometimes there isn’t a quick fix or simple answer as to how to make things better. It’s okay to just be upset for a moment. When I experienced loss of someone close to me I tried to be as happy as I was before. I tried to go on as if nothing was bothering me. I didn’t want anyone worrying about me. Turns out what I needed most was to give myself permission to be sad, to miss the person I had lost and even a bit angry. Everything started to change but there was nothing that would fix the hardship I was experiencing.

People attempt to comfort anyone whose going through something but sometimes their words aren’t very helpful. In some cases people don’t know what to say to make it better. That’s where many people are wrong. It’s not about finding the words to make things better. Sometimes life hurts and there’s no words to comfort the pain. The best thing is being in the presence of others who listen and care. Personally the one thing that helps me stand tall after getting knocked down is hope that things will get better.