How to Shine in Life and Achieve your Biggest Dreams


Can you believe that Christmas is in less than 92 days? Oh how time flies when we are having fun! With that being said I’d love to ask you a question in relation to your goals ‘How are your dreams coming along?’ Or I guess my real question is ‘What steps are you taking to achieve your biggest goals, dreams and aspirations?’. You might feel like time is against you or that you’ve had far too many set back but I love what Kris Jenner once said in her book ‘Never give up on your dreams even if life gets in the way’.

If you want to learn how to truly shine in life and your biggest dreams between now and the end of the year (and beyond) then read these inspiring tips and ideas below: 

Know what you want to achieve and go after it with everything in your being: 

Marie Forleo has just launched a new book this September and it’s called ‘Everything is figureoutable’ and it’s already become a number 1 ‘New Times Best Seller’. This book is all about the idea that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it and if you believe in the possibilities that exist. And it’s so true, we can figure out how to live the life of our dreams if we are willing to make it happen. I really do believe that you are capable of achieving amazing things. And you have all of the evidence in the world, as I know that you can totally look back and write a list of all of the good things that you have achieved so far and celebrate your wins. Whether these are little successes or huge wins. We’ve all achieved incredible things and even existing is an incredible phenomenon so use your former wins as fuel for your next big moment. Write out all of the things that you’d love to achieve and start working on your top 3. When you achieve these 3 things work on the next 3 and so on. Do it with passion and creativity and you’ll be amazed by where you’ll be in a few months (or a few years). 

Dress to impress to impress:

When you look good, you feel good, dressing good truly does make a difference on how you show up in the world, it makes you feel confident, powerful, wonderful and beautiful and if you don’t believe me just take a moment sometime this week to try on your favourite dress and shoes or put on your best trainers with your best jeans (and top) and see how you feel. If you aren’t sure what kind of clothes to wear to make you stand out and shine beautifully consider hiring a stylist and let them help you create a new look that’s totally  perfect for you.

Make a decision to actively get involved incharity work: 

Sometimes we feel empty or ‘so so’ in life because we are chasing success, chasing money, chasing clients, chasing fame and chasing material possessions. Sometimes we completely forget to give back. We totally fail to comprehend how blessed and fortunate we are, so we keep trying to get more and more stuff. Instead of getting involved in charity work and philanthropy work that will actually change people's lives and ultimately fill us up with some of the fulfilment that we’ve been searching for for years. So choose a good charitable  cause to get involved with and get active starting from this month. And if you are already involved in charity work think of taking everything to the next level as there is always more work to be done. 

Have positive role models: 

One of my favourite positive role models in the Celebrity world is Jennifer Lopez, she is completely inspiring, hard-working, beautiful, she looks after her body, she’s intelligent, she shows up powerfully in the world, she’s multi-talented, she’s a great mother, she’s actively involved in charity work and she has a beautiful smile. I see her as someone that pushes me to be greater, she pushes me to dream bigger, she pushes me to show up more powerfully and she makes me feel as if I can do anything (if I believe in myself and never give up). In life we all need someone who makes us feel this way. Whether they are someone that you know in real life or someone that’s famous it truly doesn’t matter, because the impact is often the same. So I recommend that you have positive role models in your life as it’s almost impossible to shine brightly in life and achieve your biggest dreams if you have no one that models success for you and if you have no one that challenges you to be better.