Fall Fashion


Autumn is the time to throw out your summer wardrobe and prepare for the chill! This season comes with a color palette that never gets old, colors like orange, brown, beige, purple, red, dark green, and, of course, black and white, are all up for grabs. Some reoccurring trends, as always, include animal print, monochrome, plaid, and home wear as outerwear. 

My favorite go to is the trenchcoat, it can be thrown on top of any outfit to make it look stylish and chic, and keep you warm where-ever you go. It’s an old school Sherlock Holmes fit that’ll make you the center of attention. Then there are ‘capes’, which are ponchos (with or without actual sleeves) that have become a big thing in recent years, they add a flare to any outfit, and can be worn with pants, skirts, and even dresses. 

In the shoe world it’s time to break out your boots, with trenchcoats and dresses you can always wear boots, heeled or not, they leave a lasting impression. You can wear a skirt with a thigh high boot to keep warm yet still stylish, or go for a simple jeans and black boots to stay snazzy and professional at the same time. You can also opt for a pair of loafers, old school is the new cool. Strange prints, tassels, slides or not, there’s a pep in your step when wearing loafers. 

Accessories during the fall include berets, hair clips, small clutch hand bags, bold lipstick colors, and if you really want to spice things up throw a harness into your outfit. 

For the bottom half of your outfit you can opt for a simple or patterned pencil skirt, or go for baggy trousers, try something corduroy, or wear silk pajama pants out of the house. 

There’s so much to do with fashion nowadays you can really make anything you want out of trends and classic color combos. Fall forward into the future, and set the pace for everyone else to follow this season!