Academic Success: How to Pass your Degree with Flying Colours

One of the golden questions that students often ask is ‘How can I get the best grades at University?’, maybe you have asked yourself this question. If you are currently studying, desiring to take everything to the next level and if you want some academic success tips on how you can thrive in your education then this one’s for you.

Here are 5 tips that you can implement:  

1. Be Determined:
One of the best ways to ensure that you achieve the best grades at University is to make sure that you are determined to succeed. Wishing to do well in your studies isn’t always enough. One of the ways to increase your determination is to know ‘why’. Know why you want to pass your degree with flying colours in the first place. Start by grabbing a pen and a piece of paper and jot down at least 5 reasons why you want to achieve academic success and place this somewhere where you can see it every day to give you the encouragement that you need to keep going when it gets tough.   

2. Have a Study Buddy:
Having a study buddy (or an accountability buddy) is one of the best ways to stay motivated and encouraged while studying at University. Keep each other accountable by setting up weekly check-ins, meet up at the library, give each other tips and advice, challenge each other to meet deadlines and cheer each other one. This is one of the best ways to acquire academic success. Sometimes doing it alone with no one to support you can be tough. Get the friendly support that you need.

3. Avoid leaving everything to the last minute:
The best way to get average grades at University is to leave everything to the last minute and to get into a habit of rushing your work. You can also end up with poor grades if you fail to listen to feedback from your Tutors, Lecturers or Course Leaders. Listen to your Academic Advisors so that you can do well. Instead of doing everything half-heartedly, show up to class on time, do your assignments in a timely manner, revise for your exams, go over your coursework at least twice, and give the best in all you do and you will surely reap the benefits in the long run.

4. Be Critical in your Written Work:
Critical writing is essential when studying at University.

Avoid being too descriptive but instead present evidence to support your academic work. Always refer to theorists, primary data or secondary data in your assignments to support your findings (especially when applicable). Be clear and concise. Use journals and textbooks as part of your research. Be sure to reference your work correctly to avoid being penalized for plagiarism. Check your grammar, punctuation, spelling and the format of your work because even simple mistakes like spelling errors can decrease the quality of your work (which will also bring down your marks).

5. Do not Forsake your Social Life:
As much as it’s so important to study and do the work, one thing is also certain, if you don’t spend a bit of time actually having fun, taking a breather and taking care of your well-being, you will eventually end up being super stressed and burn out. So don’t be a work-alcoholic. Have at least 1-2 nights a week where you take time off to relax. Go out with friends, watch a movie, go to the spa or go ice-skating. Taking time out to actually socialize and have fun will literally make you feel recharged and give you the strength to kick butt in your studies.         

Have I missed anything?