Self Empowerment Through Journaling

We live in a time where self-care has become a “trend” and people have become caught up the ideal “self-care routine” comprised of bath salts, cliché affirmations, and posting updates of their newly refurbished lives. But there’s more to self-care than what meets the eye. Self-care involves affirming your self-esteem, unveiling your truths and bad habits, and learning to embrace you, even at your lowest point. Self-care is self-communication. Self-care involves heavy journaling.  

Journaling gives you the space to breathe and write easy without guilt. Journaling gives us a hidden empowerment that can be… intimidating at first but shouldn’t be taken for granted. We all have a story, either we’ve lived through it or currently enduring it, and it’s important for us all to share it even if we believe opposite.

I started journaling before I even knew what “journaling” was. I didn’t have many to express my feelings to, so I resorted to affirming my being through journaling. I expressed how I felt through my words and eventually I grew accustomed to it. If I was feeling sad, anxious, disappointed, confused or mad, I wrote. I wrote until my hand cramped up from gripping the pen slightly. That’s how I knew I felt empowered – until my hand couldn’t lift the pen anymore.

Begin your self-empowerment journey with a simple journal entry: Who am I? Explore yourself, potential, interests, and goals and watch yourself gradually blossom towards genuine self-love and sense of self. It’s all a part of your life journey – embrace it!