Best Fashion Trends of 2018


The year of 2018 has wrapped up and the fresh new year of 2019 has just rolled around the corner. As January came to an end I was reminiscing on the many fashion trends that made statements this year. This year was one where your style was either vintage or hip-hop athleisure with no in between. The contrast between these two different styles allowed for many people to feel involved in the fashion world without being on Rodeo Drive. Some iconic vintage influencers this year included Rachel Zoe, Julia Roberts, and Johnny Depp of course. The neon “work out” themed style was worn by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Zendaya, and Rihanna. Some trends were better than others, but all together 2018 was a monumental year for style inspired by the most iconic fashion influencers. A few of the bold pieces that were popular include circle zippers, anything fluffy, and all items that can be translucent. Make sure you wear these famous pieces before they go out of style in the new year!

Circle Zippers // The small detail of the circle zipper was a trend that made its way into the fall fashion and continued into winter. This simple detail has been seen on shirts, boots, skirts, and purses. This accessory truly can make an outfit seem put together and be the finishing touch to a very stylish outfit.

Everything Fluffy // The more fluff, the better, is a very true statement in the previous year. Of course, the teddy bear jacket was seen everywhere last year. The jacket has continued to make its way to 2019 too, which I am sure we are all happy about. The real question is who has not fallen in love with this functional and adorable jacket?

Translucent everything // In the summer of 2018, translucent jeans and jackets were very controversial in the fashion world. It was a experiment to try out the jeans with plastic bag knee holes. As the plastic bag look gained much attention there were boots and bags that were added to the translucent style. These bold pieces made their way to the runway all over the country, from Paris Fashion Week to New York City Fashion Week. This fashion phenomenon turned into a sheer top that was worn by many on New Year’s Eve. The sheer top is embedded with stars and sparkles and worn with a black bralette. This look was bold and stylish yet sophisticated and sexy. This top is a must to your wardrobe, even in the new year.

Happy New Year and I cannot wait to see what amazing pieces fashion will bring us this year.