What is Love?

We often find ourselves chasing, studying, observing, testing the waters and searching for love. The expectation of falling into the arms of our forever person tied together through marriage hasn’t changed much over the years. According to popular belief love seems to be the cure to whatever we’re going through. Without having a special someone we’ll go skin hungry, suffer the pain of loneliness, battle feelings of depression, drown ourselves in work and vision the good life of what could’ve been, if only we had someone who has fallen in love with us. Most have yet to realize how powerful love can be without having the pressure of being in a romantic relationship. True love isn’t only available in marriage or with couples. Love is made up of a lot of things and we don’t have to have the perfect guy, hair, makeup, or dress to see that love is closer than we think.

Love is not a feeling, it’s action. Through everyone we encounter in a day, we have the potential to hold a responsibility in our hands. If we choose to challenge it, the only thing we have to do to meet the requirements is share the love we each hold within. On our darkest days, in the midst of our most stressful moments and at the nearing end of built up emotions, is when this chosen recognition to love matters most. Now that we’ve decided to uncover a daily priority that levels above others, and realize that it’s not only in a romantic relationship, we have to understand how to accomplish a simple yet challenging act.

Love all. The challenge within the challenge to love. We’ve all had a person or a few people who haven’t been kind, have done us wrong, mistreated us, used us or caused us heartache. For some of us it’s family, it’s friends, neighbors, and strangers. Loving is easy when it’s given right back but when we’re face to face with our match, we can power through by becoming the love we wish they were for us. In moments when the challenge grows we have to fight back by being the example.

It’s crucial to love all because none of us deserve it. It’s not our decision to say that one person deserves to be loved more than the next. Part of loving all includes embracing our differences in physical appearance or internal way of being. This is not about being blind to our differences but celebrating them.

Another aspect of loving all is loving those who are hard to love. We all fall short in some way and that’s even more reason why we must love everyone. We don’t have to love others mistakes, addictions, or hurtful words said that can never be taken back, we just have to see the heart inside and love on the soul who is struggling as hard as we can.

Love is selfless, not a deal maker. We should expect nothing in return by loving all. Taking on the responsibility to love is for the benefit of others. Each time we encounter someone we may be the only glimpse of love they receive in a day or longer. So why not make our gift of love priceless and as strong as we possibly can? All it costs is a hello, a smile and a genuine interest in how they’re doing. Becoming love is one of life’s greatest challenges due to our internal struggles matched with those of others. If we choose to accept this aspect of life’s challenges, we’re guaranteed to impact the hearts of others and become a reflection of the love we all need.