It's Time For Us to Vote

As activism continues to grow through the ever-increasing participation of Millennials and Gen-Z’s, it is important that we show that same enthusiasm during election season. As the campaign for the 2020 Presidential candidate takes off, it is important to remember the value of our voice.

While we continue to aspire to be a country that represents life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to all, we must take advantage of our democracy and take the necessary steps to becoming a country of true freedom. In order to do that, we must not only register to vote, but pay close attention to all our elections, and cast our ballot.

According to Pew Research Center, approximately 62 million Millennials and 7 million Generation-Z’s were eligible to vote in November 2016. There are many outlets celebrating the youth’s participation in the midterm elections, (Civic Youth’s polls show that approximately 31% of people between the ages of 18-29 voted in the last midterm election, which is a 10% jump from 2014) but if only 31% of us are showing up, then how are we truly being heard? We can do better.

These numbers clearly show that we are not showing up to the polls like we should be. Imagine what it would be like if those who still had sixty years to live where the one’s determining how they were going to live and what the future may hold.

It is imperative that we continue down the road we went on during the midterms and show up. It is the youth (Gen-Z’s and Millennials) who will have to live with the consequences of these decisions, so what good reason is there to quietly sit on the sidelines?

It doesn’t matter what your political affiliation it, what matters is that you use your right to create the change you want to see. There’s no better way to show that your voice matters then by going to the polls and casting a ballot that represents who you are and who you want us all to be.

Register to vote.

It matters and so do you.

*Candidates who have announced a campaign for President 2020; Pete Buttigieg: (D) mayor of South Bend, Indiana; Julian Castro: (D) former San Antonio mayor; John Delaney: (D) Maryland Representative; Tulsi Gabbard (D): Hawaii Congresswoman; Kristen Gillibrand: (D) Senator of New York; Kamala Harris: (D) Senator of California; Elizabeth Warren: (D) Senator of Massachusetts; Andrew Yang: (D) Entrepreneur; Howard Schultz: (I) Entrepreneur; Donald Trump: (R) Sitting President

*As of now, a republican candidate has yet to make a public announcement bid against Trump

*As of now, here are the candidates who are suspected of bidding/ have been asked to bid for a 2020 Presidential campaign: Joe Biden (D), Cory Booker (D), Hillary Clinton (D), Joe Kennedy III (D), Bernie Sanders (D), Beto O’Rourke (D), Ted Cruz (R), Mitt Romney (R), Jeff Flake (R).