Quit Dreaming; Live The Life You Want Right Now


The new year is well upon us. For most of us that means embracing steps to accomplish goals and checking off items on our list of new year’s resolutions.  The most challenging goals are those that require sacrifice to the life lived only a few months ago. As part of our human nature most of us are striving to become better than we were before. The life we want to live doesn’t have to be another item on a list we never got around to or another goal that was too hard to accomplish. The life we’ve always dreamed of living can be lived right now. Here are just a few ways to become exactly who we want to be and take control of our life the way we want live.

Understand what the goal to accomplish is. Hitting a target is much more complicated when we attempt to do so blind folded. Find the target before taking any further steps. Again it’s crucial that we understand we’re actually going before beginning a journey towards something. Make a plan of few possible routes that can be taken to reach the chosen destination.

Focus on the goal. When aiming for something it’s hard to hit the target when our focus is off to the side. After we know what we’re aiming for it can be a challenge to become distracted. All sorts of things will take our sights off what we we’re trying to achieve. Sometimes those same distractions can be harmful enough to discourage us into no longer wanting to reach the set goal at all anymore. There are good distractions as well. Good friends, positive reinforcements from family and others who distract us from the discouraging factors attempting to pull us away from what we really want. By being able to seperate the two types of distractions will help us to go a long way.

We also should put action behind our dreams. Our dreams don’t have to be visions in our head, they can be reality. If we take small steps within each day to accomplish them, we’ll be one step closer to actually living out our dreams. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic life change, any little thing done will help.

From this it’s important to build good habits. Taking those little steps aren’t just for a few days. It will take months possibly the entire year before we begin to make any major movements or see the dream we have come to life. This is why building good habits are important. When we feel like all the little things aren’t giving us the results we want or we begin to feel discouraged about our progression, we’ll be so use to a healthy habit that it’ll be harder to quit than to accept the challenge of continuing to move forward. Even the smallest of steps take us closer to our goal.

Through it all it’s important to keep going, don’t give up because it won’t be easy. No matter what the goal, it will require work and lots of action behind the scenes. For some of us it will be late nights, early mornings, cost us friends, cost us time away from home, and for most of us it will be uncomfortable to make changes to our lifestyle we’re not use to. None of these are reason to become discouraged. If the goal we’re reaching for means that much to us, it will all be worth it in the end.