Level Up


Energy: it surrounds us, affects us, is within us, radiates from us, and we can harness many types of it. It is neither created nor destroyed, but has the power to create and destroy, and can shift from one form to another. Energy is the driving force behind every single action you see and even those you don’t see. Our world is fueled by it and it’s many manifestations: kinetic, thermal, potential, chemical, mechanical, radiant, etc. You most likely learned about different types of energies in high school, and maybe even college if those classes were necessary for you. However, for most of us, energy is kind of like gravity. We know it’s there, we engage with it daily, but we don’t think about it too much unless it’s a required part of your job. Yet, there’s a type energy I’d never heard of in any school, and I believe it might just be the most important one for every individual.

Bioenergetics is a field I recently came upon whilst I was studying for my new business Fire Opal Coaching. There are actually Masters and PhD programs specifically for this area of study (although it seems most of them are more geared towards the realm of kinesiology than personal development and overcoming energetic blocks in the body for healing). In alignment with a lot of eastern practices like acupuncture and chakras, bioenergy studies essentially seeks to understand the flow of energy in and between living organisms, as well as their energy’s affect on their surroundings.

For a minute, I’d like you to close your eyes and imagine what things would look like if you viewed everything as the ball of energy it is. Don’t see them in their physical form, but instead imagine inanimate objects with their low resonance frequencies and things like people and animals with their brighter light and higher frequencies walking past you. What color are their energies? Do you feel the energy, and how does it make you feel to be around certain things or people? Have you ever gotten a bad feeling about someone you just met, or someone you’ve been around seems nice enough, but when you leave his or her presence you feel significantly sad, annoyed, or confused? I am not referring to making a snap judgment about someone because they make you feel insecure. I am talking about true feelings that you can’t really explain and seem beyond reason. I’d like to hypothesize that this is your energetic field being influenced by another’s.

On another plane, have you ever been in a fabulous mood and suddenly everything around you seems to be going right, or maybe the "going right” put you in the fabulous mood, but either way everything seems better? I’d like to hypothesize that this is your energy field interacting with your surroundings.

I already know from experience that daily gratitude makes you more aware of the things that you already have, and more likely to see all the good you are surrounded by. I also took up meditation over a year ago, and while I have no scientific proof that it has benefitted me, I can tell you that what I originally thought of as new age crap, helps me remain calm in stressful situations, and has helped me sleep better at night. Those practices have served me well, and given all this studying I have engaged in, I began to wonder if I could continue my self-improvement by actually pulling things to me using and raising my energy. Law of attraction has been touted quite loudly. Many successful people like Oprah, Jim Carrey, and Will Smith seem to advocate it, and the book The Secret made a killing off promoting the law to a wide audience.  So, can bioenergetics actually provide a scientific framework for this law? Can we use our field of energy to alter and improve our reality/raise our vibration so to speak? I’d like to do a little experiment over the coming months, and have you join me for my journey.

Here’s the deal, I am going to focus on and visualize myself reaching the below 3 ideals by the end of February:

THE GOAL: Hit 170lbs (I currently fluctuate between 176 and 180).

I have been having a hard time losing any weight OR feeling like my clothes fit me any better even after working out for 30 minutes to an hour 3 days a week at a minimum for over a month

THE GOAL: Sell $1,000 worth of Art in one month

I paint and sell my artworks online and in person. The most expensive piece I have ever sold was $400, which was also my best sales month. The most pieces I have ever sold in a day were 2 for a grand total of $200 in sales. Anyone who has been a little known artist understands this struggle. You can go months without any sales at all. So, this is a big reach for me.

THE GOAL: Have my work featured by an Instagram influencer without having to pay for it (influencer meaning someone with 50,000+ followers)

Both my businesses are very important to me. One allows me to bring beauty to others, while the other allows me to bring hope, direction, and encouragement to those seeking it. I would absolutely LOVE to collaborate with some amazing people and have my work featured, but here’s the catch, they have to reach out to me.

I don’t believe in just visualizing and then not taking any action. So, here’s what I am committing to:

  1. Spending 20 minutes a day visualizing my success in these key areas

  2. Posting at least 5 times a week on each Instagram account

  3. Working out at least 3 days a week for 45 minutes minimum

  4. Thinking big

  5. Providing my honest results each month and sharing any techniques I think are helping

So, are you ready to level up with me? I hope you’ll come along for this energetic ride to success. Check back here next month to see how much I was able to alter my current reality.