20 Self Love Goals for 2019


With the new year already here, the fitness, academic, and personal resolutions made at the beginning of the year may have been discarded. But as the year goes on, it’s important to remember the practice of self-care. After all, the rest of 2019 should be a time to embrace yourself and recognize the value of being individual. Recognizing self worth can deeply improve your personal relationships, increase your confidence, and bring about a happier state of mind. Here are 20 of my goals for self love for everybody to keep in mind for 2019.

  1. Stop putting yourself down for anybody or anything. It’s easy to diminish your self-worth by pointing out your faults or blaming yourself in encounters with your friends, significant others, or peers. Be more confident and recognize that you don’t need to assume the blame to diffuse situations.

  2. Go for a walk at dawn. While much of the population are not early birds, taking a walk at dawn, watching the sunrise, spending time outdoors, and having the general silence of neighborhoods or nature yet to awake can provide you with time to yourself.

  3. Wear something different from your normal style. Shopping in itself can be cathartic but buying the outfits you want to wear but were afraid to can spark more confidence and self love as you recognize your freedom to determine your fashion.

  4. Understand what you want: say yes and no more. 2019 is not the year for equivocation and treading around your personal relationships in fear of what others think about your decisions. Say yes to more adventures that you want, and say no confidently to the ones you do not.

  5. Start a mood tracker or a journal. Journaling has significant benefits and can help you reflect on how content you feel with your personal life.

  6. Redecorate. Changing the appearance of your room, desk, or living space can bring fresh motivation and be a source of satisfaction in your life. You can buy some succulents or hang fairy lights for an easy way to change things up.

  7. Indulge a little. While indulgences such as eating unhealthily or watching those extra episodes of your favorite TV show can induce guilt, it’s important to also cherish the things that you want. Giving yourself some leeway to do the things you want without considering the guilt can be cathartic.

  8. Find a passion project. Whether it be knitting gloves to donate or starting a bottle cap drive, consider doing something for your community; it can often imbue you with purpose and create a sense of accomplishment.

  9. Recognize where there may be toxicity in your life. Oftentimes, it’s easy to get used to the relationships and people we surround ourselves with, but taking some time to identify that some friendships may not be nurturing or beneficial to your happiness can leave you happier in the long run.

  10. Take a social media break. This doesn’t necessarily mean completing deleting social media and becoming a technological hermit--rather, try to set rules for yourself for how long you use social media for. Follow some pages that inspire you rather than evoke jealousy or prompt you to live vicariously.

  11. Go for a drive with the windows down and the music blasting. Sing along. You may find this a great catharsis, shielded by the safety in your car from the judgement of others and transported back to good memories with the songs.

  12. Write down a list of all the tasks you’ve been putting off. Recognizing what you need to do and what may be troubling you can help you tackle them without keeping them bottled in you.

  13. Do a kind thing for a stranger. Donate your piggy-bank savings or pay for the meal following yours to spread some love, which will instantly make you feel better.

  14. Sign up for a fun activity outside your comfort zone, whether it be pilates, group art classes, or a team sport. It’s never too late to learn and you can find a community of people who share a common interest.

  15. Create a playlist for inspirational and motivational times. Taking time in your day to listen to positive and inspirational tunes can uplift your mood and focus your attention on your own enjoyment and happiness. Creating that playlist can be a unique time to focus on finding music for how you feel and make a happy place for yourself.

  16. Meditate. Many people have tried and failed to meditate, with their minds buzzing from busy work days or school. No worries--it only takes meditating occasionally to help your mindfulness and reset your mind, offsetting some of your stress.

  17. Send a loved one a care package or write them a letter. Self care also extends to caring for the people and things we love, and in busy lives, it’s easy to become distanced to our parents, siblings, and other loved ones. Send a UPS package full of treats and small gifts to a loved one to increase your mindfulness and personal bonds.

  18. Try some arts and crafts--make a bath bomb, paint a canvas for decoration, or have a fun body paint session. Often times, working with our hands to create things can take a small amount of time but leave a tangible reminder to take time for ourselves and enjoy the little things.

  19. Change your diet. Vegetables and fruits can provide nutrition and vitamins you may not even know you’re lacking. Go on a health kick, find new recipes to try that are healthy and environmentally mindful, and recognize healthy food can be delicious.

  20. Smile more. It’s scientifically prove that smiling alone without outside stimuli can improve your mood. Take more time to find joy and humor in your daily life, and self-love will already be with you.