Why You Should Watch 'Sex Education' on Netflix


Unlike American television, British television has never shied away from demonstrating the realities of the teenage curiosity and explorations of sex -remember Skins? However, in the United States there are a lot more restrictions on what is deemed appropriate for young viewers, which results in television shows glamourizing the realities of life rather than depicted them in a realistic way. (Remember when Spike tried to rape Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer or when Chuck tried to pimp out Blair on Gossip Girl?)

Fortunately for viewers, this British dramedy Sex Education does not have the same restrictions as American television, therefore providing audiences with a humorous and complex portrayal of sex encounters, ailments, emotional traumas, and the naivety of sexually active teenagers. While the show does not put an emphasis on contraception, it does an excellent job at addressing an aspect of sex often ignored by most programs – the emotional implications. The show centers around a teenage boy, Otis, who, despite suffering from the most extensive sexual emotional ailment than any other character on the show, begins a business on campus giving out sex advice to his peers.

The concept of having a teenage boy guiding all the other students through their difficulties with sex speaks to the realities surrounding conversations about sex. According to a study by the Future of Sex Ed, “Each year in  the United States, about 750,000 teens become pregnant, with up to 82 percent of those pregnancies being unintended”. Additionally, many teenagers seek sex education from their peers, which is generally a disservice for teenagers all over the world, because, as it has been proven numerous times, the lack of information surrounding sex doesn’t stop teenagers from having sex. This often results in the spread of STD’s, an increase in unplanned pregnancies, and the spread of false myths, such as, a woman can’t get pregnant when she’s on her period.

In addition to the beneficial educational factors of the show, viewers should watch for the humor, portrayal of genuine friendships, family dynamics, and exploration of identity. Sex Education is a critically acclaimed show with 91% on Rotten Tomato, and positive responses from The New York Times, Rolling Stones, and Variety.

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