Embrace your Imperfections Fearlessly and Confidently (Here's How)


There is something wrong with all of us,
There I said it!
Let’s just get that out of the way,
You might be wondering why I sound so harsh...
The truth is, what I mean (in the most compassionate and loving way) is that we all have flaws and imperfections.
None of us are perfect.
We all have a thorn in our flesh that we wish that wasn’t there. Something that annoys and bugs us that we can’t seem to get rid of, no matter how long or how hard we try,
We have begged God,
We have prayed,
We have cried,
We have bought every product or service to try and resolve the issue that we have.  
We for some reason can’t seem to manifest a miracle or a breakthrough in that specific problem area that we have.  
Some of the things that you experience that suck might include one or perhaps even more of the following:
- You can’t seem to conceive even though you’ve tried to have a baby for 1.5 years,
- You have a skin problem hasn’t cleared despite all of the creams that you’ve tried to use,    
- Your hair gets super frizzy within in 10 minutes of curling it (you’ve tried every hair spray to try and make the curls stay in, with no good luck),

- You always feel Socially awkward at events even though you’ve read every book on how to socialise and connect with people,

- You have untrustworthy friends in your life even though you’re the best friend ever,
- Your family doesn’t support your entrepreneurial journey (regards of your efforts),

Or maybe you feel frustrated by the fact that your ears are too big, your nose is too small, your too short or too tall. And the list goes on.
Can you relate to any of the above?
Or shall I keep on with the list?
In the bible, Paul asked God to remove a thorn that was in his flesh three times and God said my grace is sufficient for you.

Ummmm maybe Paul was thinking God please remove this issue from my life already...how long will you take before you do something to help me?
But he finally had a revelation that it’s better that he just learns to boost in his imperfections, he said these words

“Most gladly, therefore, will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me”.

He finally realised that casting his care on God was the key because this issue could perhaps never leave him.
Maybe one day the thorn in his flesh finally left him.

Maybe the moment he learned to live with the thorn is the moment that it disappeared.

Or maybe this isn’t the case at all.

Maybe his thorn never left his life.

All I know is...

God said this “my strength is made perfect in your weakness”.
What I want to point out is the very fact that I’m super sure that we can all relate to how Paul felt. And often the moment we stop trying to change ourselves and do everything in our power to change lives (in the most stressful ways) and when we FINALLY just surrender to the notion of self-love and self-acceptance and total faith in this idea of “What will be will be”, that’s usually when we actually get the healing that we so desire, that’s when you are able to conceive, that's when you end up being given the perfect hair cream that makes our hair straight (instead of frizzy), that’s when your skin problem clears up and when doors of opportunities fall into your lap.

And even if nothing ever changes once we learn to surrender, that’s when we usually find the peace that we have been looking for and that thorn doesn’t end up seeming so bad after all.

We all have them. BUT, they are all about perception. What I consider as a flaw may not be what someone else considers as a flaw. To me, a flaw is an imperfection or a fault in MY eyes. I consider my flaws to be things that I do not like about myself and things that I would like to change”
. - Horacio Jone

So stop trying to be perfect,

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to change,

But instead, start LOVING yourself and embracing yourself with total compassion and grace despite your flaws and your imperfection because you are stunningly beautiful just the way you are.

Someone loves the very things that you hate about yourself and someone appreciates the beauty that you radiate every time you smile and laugh.

The saying is true: ‘You are perfectly imperfect’.