How To Set Goals: A Guide to Kick Start Your Life


Ever seen that studious girl, with supersized chunky spectacles, stuttering speech, shy nature roaming around the college campus with the wings of perfectly completed assignments sitting on her shoulders and a golden daily plan written out in coloured ink in her Officeworks planner.

Are you that girl? Nope?. Don’t fret I’m not one either. If you are though, Hi! I think the world could really use some of your secret tips. So comment down below.

I’ll let you on a little secret of mine- I always wanted to be that girl. In the first few years that I set that goal, I discovered I just couldn’t do anything about this new found “goal” of mine. My problem was that I just couldn’t figure out where to start. It’s been about a decade since then and I’m still waiting on the shyness to arrive, but all in all, I did become a planner gal and I’m super proud of that.

So the one thing. Scratch that. The ONLY thing you need to learn to become more planned is the art of goal setting.


So you thought I would give you some magic recipe to flip your life? Well, I am and that is to prioritize. It’s not easy and if you think it just doesn’t work for you, you’re doing it wrong.

I’m not just talking about prioritizing the task at hand but about PRIORITIZING YOURSELF.

“I would love to over-extend myself for that extra credit”. “Oh, I’m good at that too. You know what! I’ll sign up for million of those events” “Would I like to join your project when I’m not really interested but all my friends are doing it so I should too? Yes of course.”

I know girl! We’ve all done this. That’s what a lot of the people do. Whenever I find myself acting this way I know I’m trying to distract myself and that’s my cue for what I call the “Center yourself” therapy.

“Center Yourself” Therapy

AKA what Steve Jobs said he does. He basically used to look at himself in the mirror every morning and ask himself “How would I live out this day if this was the last day of my life?”

Many of us are too afraid to be demanding of ourselves in our life. It’s not just about our esteem but also how we value our lives. I believe we are all consciously aware of our binding contract with life but for some reason, the prospect of pushing today’s work to tomorrow in the hope of it magically diminishing in quantity is just too irresistible. That’s when this therapy works. Job’s question didn’t really hit home with me that well so I made my own version of it. I like to live out each day such that it is infused with as much sparkle and happiness as I can muster.

Go, look in the mirror and smile. God! That’s the most precious thing in the world you are looking at. Remember that. It’s like they say, ”In the end, only that which is important matters”.

Now that we have the soul work set, let’s jump into some real life advise that you can use from today itself. First, whatever new task you get, you write it down. I use a diary to keep track of all that I have to do.

Second, every night before going to bed, rank these tasks according to importance and urgency. You’ll find that each task would either be a long term goal or a short term assignment. Rank it and see the magic for yourself.

Third. Read that list every day of the week. Just gaze through it while you sip your hot drink on your porch. Make it a morning habit to always know what all is due. One of the best things I ever started doing was making a weekly plan every Sunday. One of the downfalls for me was my ability to constantly overestimate just how much I truly wanted to complete a task. Don’t make the same mistakes as me. Be honest with yourself. Is this task really that important? Now, of course, you will encounter tasks that are just compulsory jargon that you have no option but to complete. The trick to deal with those is to address them and finish them as soon as you can. Waiting for the next day, next week only brings the due date nearer and pushes your anxiety to its limit.

Goal setting is hard. Particularly when you have so much to deal with every day but, that also makes it all the more crucial to master this art.

I hope these little tips and tricks help you kickstart your life.

Let me know what do you do in your life to check off those items from your to-do list.