Becoming a Public Speaker: 5 Ways to Attract Speaking Gigs in 2019


One of the most powerful ways to explode your brand in 2019 is to start doing live speaking gigs. You can speak at local events, national events and even international events (if you are willing to put yourself out there) in a bigger way than ever before. Some of the benefits of doing speaking gigs include: making money, attracting clients, generating quality leads and getting the word out there about your brand along with your products and services.  

If you are keen to be on big stages here are 5 tips to consider:

1) Prepare and Rehearse:
One of the best ways to manifest speaking gigs in 2019 is to start acting as if speaking gigs are just around the corner. Practice your presentation (presentations and speeches) in front of the mirror, in front of friends, family, your Coach or colleagues. This is a great way to gain feedback and to improve your speaking skills and body language so that you can do an impressive job when the opportunity arises.

2) Know your Key Topics:

One of the best things to do to get ready for speaking gigs is to know what topics you’d like to cover when you give your presentations. It’s important that you know these topics like the back of your hand so that you can give an exceptional speech each time you go on stage. Having done a multitude of speaking gigs in the UK and abroad I recommend writing down a few topics that you really love (areas that you are really passionate about). My key areas are:
- Motivation and Success
- PR and Media
- Confidence and Charisma  
- Education
- Entrepreneurship.
I consider myself to be an expert on these topics, due to my experience or my academic studies. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t need to keep doing research on these topics as it’s not wise to be a know it all, you’ve gotta keep learning and growing.

2) Pitch and Follow up:

If you are super keen to get the ball rolling in regards to being booked to give live talks. One of the quickest ways to make this happen is to send out pitches to local businesses, local schools, colleges, universities, organisations and charities ask for opportunities to speak. Most of these entities book outside speakers, but you have to be willing to send emails and follow up. A scripture in the bible says ‘you have not because you ask not’, are you asking for the opportunities that you desire?

3) Dress for Success:
What you wear does matter when it comes to speaking at events. Making a good impression is the key (as you don’t wanna do the opposite of this). In most cases the dress code tends to be smart wear (or in between smart and casual wear). A suit usually tends to work well, a nice dress, trousers and a shirt etc. To make the process easier, find out (ahead of time) what the dress code is, by simply asking. Ask each event organizer what to wear (and most of all, what not to wear). Some events are highly corporate and professional, some are chilled out and up beat so it’s worth asking and sticking to the dress code. But whatever you end up wearing be sure to make it fun, wear something that you love and feel comfortable in. Infuse your favourite colours, personality and charisma into what you wear and you’ll shine so much brighter on camera and on stage.

4) Ask for Recommendations and Referrals:

Asking for for recommendations and referrals is truly one of the most powerful ways to increase your chances of getting companies to hire you. Most companies are more willing to hire someone that has been recommended to them than hiring someone that they have never heard of before, because reputation and trust truly matters. So start asking friends, family, colleagues, mentors and anyone that you know that’s a high profile person (or influential) to connect you to good speaking opportunities.

5) Be Patient:

If anyone ever said that everything would be easy in life - they were lying. Sometimes you’ll pitch and hear nothing back even though you have amazing skills, experience, qualities and passion. Sometimes you’ll send out a pitch and be booked within 24 hrs. It will be hard sometimes, it won’t always be easy, so patience is something that you’ve gotta learn to adhere to. Be patient when you are stuck in traffic when on your way to your gig, be patient when you have to wait 2hrs (instead of 15 minutes) for your turn to speak,  because the event is running behind schedule. Be patient when you finally realise that it’s not as glamorous as it seems to travel for 8 hours only to deliver a 15 minute speech. Be patient when you expected the whole event to be filmed only to find out that the camera wasn’t even switched on in the first place (yes accidents like this do happen). Hard work does pay of eventually so keep persevering. One day you’ll look back and be amazed at all of your achievements if you keep striving and pushing forwards.