Here’s How Netflix’s Orignal “You” is Romanticizing Stalkers.


**Spoilers ahead for Netflix Original's “You”, read at your own risk.**

Binge-watching just became a little more controversial. Netflix has sparked an interesting discussion with the release of the Netflix original “You”. Written by Blake Neely, “You” only has one season streaming currently and already has millions of fans. This Netflix original surrounds the thoughts and actions of a young bookseller named Joe Goldberg who meets and falls head over heels for a young aspiring writer named Guinevere “Beck”. When first impressions turn into a dark obsession, Joe would do whatever he can to have Beck as his own.

Besides the fact, the actor casted as Joe Goldberg, Penn Badgley, is extremely hot, *coughs* according to social media, Joe is made to seem as if his actions were rightfully justified. Multiple times in the show Joe claims that “everything was for [you} Beck.”

Since his actions seem to come from the right place many viewers take their opinions to social media to defend against the onslaught he faces for his crimes.

So why is it that there are still some people who love Joe Goldberg?


Joe can relate to many of the viewers on different levels. When first learning about Beck he tells her that,  “ [he] know[s] it's not cool to say and it's not big and flashy but I love books, and I want my life to be about what I actually love.” This shows that although he does have the looks, he also has a heart and a soft side. However, his soft side does not seem to help when it’s needed- especially when it comes to the murders of the people closest to Beck.

Even though Joe commits multiple crimes his character is written and portrayed in such a way that viewers cannot help but feel some type of remorse for him. Although he is supposed to be seen as a villain, many find him casually lying in the grey area,  not necessarily evil but not an angel either. Joe begins the series as just an innocent book lover who so happens to take care of a child who suffers abuse from his mother's boyfriend. Right off the bat Joe attempts to wiggle his way into the heart of the viewers. For the most part, it works even after killing Beck’s best friend, ex-boyfriend, and eventually Beck herself.

Time after time again both the actor who plays Joe and Netflix themselves have stepped in to remind the viewers that Joe is not a man you would want to take him for dinner.

Joe Goldberg and all surrounding characters are fictional, however, his actions are still something that many should be wary of.