The Easiest Ways to Reduce Stress



That little word harbors so many feelings. It drudges up all those bad memories of rushed essays, stuttered presentations, and distanced friends.

Every person is stressed at least once in their life. Well, if you’ve only been stressed once in your life then I very much envy you. I, personally, feel the familiar cold rock slowly sinking from my chest down into my gut no less than twice a week. To prevent this from happening to you, I have some advice on how to reduce anxiety.

Just Do It
There’s nothing worse than realizing that you have something urgent to do and then putting it off to watch some Netflix.

I’ve done that so many times before; it’s a serious problem. All procrastination does is bring you more stress, more anxiety, until you’ve spaced out so much that you’re absentmindedly staring at the wall (Netflix playing in the background).

Now, I’m not saying that it’s inherently bad to procrastinate. I personally dislike being micromanaged, especially when I know that I can get that essay done in an intense hour or two. If you believe in yourself and recognize your limits and your strengths, then you go, girl!

But, honestly, despite how cliche it is, the best thing to do to eradicate stress is to eradicate the object of your stress.

The best thing to do is, what? Say it with me:

Do something about it.

Whether or not you can fix the issue without much difficulty, or if it takes a lot of energy to resolve, I promise that you will feel immediately better about yourself once you take that first step towards the solution.

Don’t just mentally make the decision that you will, someday, make that first step. Because, in my personal experience, that decision will sit in the back of your mind and make you think of crazy hypotheticals on what could go wrong; what could be an obstacle.

To alleviate stress, tackle the issue head-on. The quicker the problem is resolved, the quicker that anxiety dissipates.

So Shia LaBoeuf it, Nike it, and just do it. I promise you’ll feel so much better afterwards.

Or, maybe just take a nice, hot bath. I promise you’ll feel better after that, too.

Put Things in Perspective

Recently, I’ve been finding that the best way for me to stop panicking over a relatively minor issue is for me to realize exactly that: I’m panicking over a relatively minor issue.

Relatively is the key word there. Of course some decisions will be life-changing, maybe even life-or-death. In those cases, this method of relieving stress isn’t exactly the best.

But in other cases, it’s an extremely good way to recognize that what you’ve been sobbing over for the past three hours isn’t that big of a deal.

I’ve always been one to fret over the smallest, tiniest, teensiest things (I’m sensitive, okay?). But these days, I’ve discovered that entertaining a new point of view, and taking a moment to reflect on whatever impact this tiny situation might have on my life, does a lot to chill me out.

Because most of the situations I panic over are so insignificant that I later wonder why I was so worried about it in the first place. Simply ask yourself the question: Will I even remember this moment 20 years from now?  More times than not, you won’t.

Obviously there are plenty more ways that plenty more people relieve their stress. Leave your own advice and tips in the comments below! I’d love to have some more advice. :)