Spring Lookbook


Finally, Spring Break is right around the corner! The need for vitamin D and a break from reality, is crucial right now. There is no better excuse to go shopping then right now. You cannot go to the beach without a wardrobe revamp. Now that you have realized this fashion crisis, I will give you one of the best outfits to fill your suitcase to wherever its destination may be. Down below is a head to toe outfit that is a must on your vacation this spring.


Scarf hair tie/// The draped hair tie is a simple addition to your hair that will turn you into a bohemian queen. This hair tie is the scrunchie of this spring. A simple half up half down hairstyle with this scarf will keep your hair out of your face. This hair accessory is functional and adorable.


Circle sunglasses/// The circle sunglasses have not gone out of style yet. Rolling over from last summer, these sunglasses accentuate all different face shapes and add to the bohemian look that seems to be very popular right now. The circle sunglasses and bow hair tie as accessories have already set your outfit for success on this sunny vacation day.


Outfit/// The wooden buttons have been incorporated into the fashion world recently in dresses and skirts. Urban Outfitters, Lulu’s, and Altered State shoppers have been seen wearing this simple piece. Because this button-down dress is popular, it can be fun to accessorize with it and to make it more unique to your style. By dressing in the scarf hair tie, sunglasses, and button-down dress you are ready to rock the sand runway on your recent getaway.