ClassPass Review


I hate exercising. This whole “endorphins make you happy” thing has yet to really prove itself to me. I would much rather spend an hour sitting in front of my TV, eating Ben & Jerry’s and watching old episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Despite my severe aversion to all-things-physical, I still wanted to give ClassPass a try. I figured if anything could force me to work out, then scheduling classes and facing a cancellation fee surely could. So I did schedule workouts and force myself to go. Here are my thoughts on my month on ClassPass:

You Can Get WAAAAAY More than 11 Classes from 33 Points

Maybe it’s because I love to budget, but my most pleasant surprise through this process was that I could get more than the anticipated 11 classes from the 33 points I had. I actually did roughly 5 classes a week, with the points ranging from 1-3 each.

Caps on Classes at One Studio Before Premium Rates

The app limits how many classes you are allowed to take at one studio before you begin paying additional credits for those classes. Most studios limit you to three classes. This makes sense, as ClassPass doesn’t want you to max out at only one studio and the whole point is to try out many different studios, but it is definitely worth noting.

Some Studio Experiences are (Inevitably) Better than Others

One thing I learned through this process is that the number of points used for each class does not necessarily reflect the value of the experience received. Some of my favorite classes only used one point, whereas one of the more costly classes ended up being overpacked with participants and smelling a liiiiittle funky. I recommend being open-minded regarding the points and giving all different sorts of studios a try.

The ClassPass App Keeps You Focused & On-Track

I will be the first to admit it– I overextend myself all the time sometimes and can easily forget the mountain of tasks I have to get done. Luckily, the ClassPass app does a great job at making sure you know when the workouts you signed up for are happening. You can set reminders and get emails with all the details so you don’t miss a class (and get hit with that no-show fee).

So my overall thoughts? ClassPass is definitely worth it. It gives you an opportunity to try out a bunch of different workouts for less than if you went to the studios directly. It also provides you with a lot more options at a huge range of times, making it easy to fit exercise into your schedule.