How to Travel As a Germaphobe

Although I love to travel, I am constantly fearing the foreign and public surfaces surrounding me at every twist and turn. As someone who overthinks and over analyzes every situation, I find plane and hotel surfaces to be some of the most disgusting things you can come across.

There are ways to fight against these germy surfaces, here are my top three tricks:

1.Bring disinfectant wipes.

Wipe. Down. Everything. In. Sight.

On the plane, wipe down the airplane seat, seatbelt, seatback pocket, air vent, armrests and the airplane tray. Planes are rarely cleaned properly and so many other people have been in that chair and in that same plane.

In the hotel, you should be wiping down commonly touched or held items, like the TV remote, the telephone, and the nightstand. This is to secure that you can remain germ-free during your travels.

2. Buy a travel blanket.

The blankets on planes cannot and should not be trusted. It's better to go on the safe side and bring a blanket of your own. It can also come in handy for long car rides, and I use it for hotel rooms.

3. Bring a pillowcase.

One overlooked spot in hotels is the pillow. While cleaners remake the beds, the pillow is put to the side and forgotten about. Gross.

I bring my own pillowcase when traveling to stay on the safe side.

It's better to stay on the safe side while traveling, because traveling while being sick is awful. The dirty surfaces are also so disgusting, it's better to avoid those issues. Safe travels!