Pete Buttigieg - The Media's Favorite Candidate


As it’s getting closer and closer to the 2020 election, more and more Democrats are joining the race, in hopes of gaining the Democratic primary and overthrowing Trump. Although he is becoming increasingly popular, many people have questions about Pete Buttigieg and his qualifications as a presidential candidate.

Pete Buttigieg, or ‘Mayor Pete’,  would be a president of firsts if he was elected. The first president who started as a mayor, the first millennial, the first Afghani war veteran, and the first gay president. His election would be a turn in history and would be a landmark achievement for the LGBTQ community. It would also be a complete turn around for the country as a whole.

Buttigieg is the current Mayor of Southbend, Indiana. Ever since he was first elected in 2012, his main goal was to rebuild the local economy. Before he was elected, Southbend was seen as one of the top ten dead towns in the United States. He focused on creating employment opportunities and focused on the tech industry. He has torn down or remodeled abandoned buildings and he says his next goal is to tackle local homelessness.

Pete also says one of his highlights is his military experience. If he were to be elected, he would have the most military experience of any president since Geroge H. W. Bush. He actually earned the Joint Service Commendation Medal for his Afganhi service.

Although this all seems very impressive, there is one, very pressing question to be answered; how do you pronounce his name? Heres a tweet his husband, Chasten Buttigieg shared:


— Chasten Buttigieg (@Chas10Buttigieg)December 17, 2018

Pete Buttigieg is one of 17 presidential candidates, and only time will tell if he will be successful during his run.