Are relationships in your senior year doomed from the start?


Senior year is supposed to be one of the best years of our lives, at least that's what many people say. One thing that many are wary of is the idea of having a relationship in their senior year.

You may have heard many tragic stories of high school relationships gone wrong once they graduate or even the horror stories of regret for not breaking it off sooner. There’s no wonder there is such a stigma surrounding the idea of high school relationships. You may feel frightened for your current relationship or scared off from creating one just to avoid the inevitable heartbreak.

You, along with many other seniors, may feel as if there is an invisible bomb on the foundation of your relationship. You can’t see it, but you can feel the clock ticking down, second by second until it explodes and you’re the only one remaining to clean up the mess. The thought that remains to be said is that soon you all will graduate, and go to different colleges.The haunting thought is that whatever you have might not work out.

So the question is, are relationships in high school bound to end in heartbreak?

First of all, negative thinking gets everyone nowhere. There is a chance it could work. Depending on if both parties want to try and work things out there is the chance you will succeed. Many relationships often face the burden of going off to college. Teens stray away from relationships due to tot the numerous warnings they often are told by many loved ones. Senior year of high school is filled with college applications and other activities. It is supposed to be the best year yet, and it should. Even though you are in a relationship, enjoy what time you have. The one thing you should not do is choose a college you don't completely love because of you trying to keep your partner.  

Whether your relationship just started or has been going on for a stretch it’s important that you follow your own heart. Listening to others opinions on YOUR relationship can sometimes be misleading. Only you and your partner know what is best for your futures. If you are heading into the unknown of college, talking with your partner and deciding on an outcome that will benefit you both is the best thing you can possibly do. Your future and your relationships are only yours to control. You know what is best for you. Whatever the road may lead, you are capable of getting through anything.