Media Etiquette: How to Create a Lasting Impression in the PR World


So you’ve decided to break into the media and you’ve typed up a big list of all the magazines that you’d like to be featured, all of the TV shows that you’ll like to be on and all of the podcast shows that you’ll like to be interviewed on.

But there’s one problem.

You’re not sure what the Media do’s and dont’s are especially when it comes to pitching to the media and following up.

And your not sure how to make a good impression in front of the media

If this sounds like you, I’ve got you covered:

Here are 3 tips to Consider:  

Learn Some Media Jargon:
One of the ways to make a good impression when dealing with the media is to speak their language. Learn keywords and phrases that often come up in every day media conversations such as “production”, “sound check”,  “Journalist”, “Media Kit” also known as a Press Kit), Showreel (also known as a Sizzle reel or a Highlight Reel), Pre-Production”, “Post-production”, “Live Show”, “Pre-Recorded Show”, “Press Release” and the list goes on. The last thing you want is to not know any terms and struggle with trying to understand what everything means. If you want to impress the media learn some PR and Media terms. So do as much research as you can. You song regret it.

Be Easy to Work With:
The media are looking to work with people, feature brands and highlight individuals that they actually somewhat like. Now I’m not saying that a journalist has to always has to like you (or your brand to feature you) as sometimes they feature you based on you having a great story or a timely message to share. But if you fail to do things like meet deadlines or act professional, this isn’t a great way to be considered for a featured in a Magazine and it’s highly unlikely that you will make be considered for TV or Radio interviews if you are rude to Media assistants, and always throwing around diva demands. So be humble and let go of any behaviour that might be a stumbling block for your potential PR opportunities.  

Be Polite and have Good Manners:

I'm so glad that pageantry taught me the importance of good etiquette as some people just don't realise how important good manners are and how much it can help or hurt them if they depending on whether they use it or not! Elegance, etiquette and grace are very important qualities for you to cultivate. How you communicate is everything. If you don't have good manners, good email etiquette, good communication skills you potentially face the chance of making the media (and people in general) cringe! If you do not know how to say basic things like 'please' and 'thank you', I wonder how you will cope at a Red carpet event when you are surrounded by consistent media requests, lights cameras and action. If you don't master these things in secret, you will meet dignitaries and get it all wrong. You’ll not shine in front of the media if you don’t have basic manners. I recommend that you invest in at least one book on Etiquette, as your investment will pay off when you least expect it.