The Met Gala: Camp

Each year on the first Monday in May, all eyes turn to The Metropolitan Museum of Art for the fashion event of the year: The Met Gala. The event’s true purpose is to showcase the museum’s Costume Institute Gala which is unveiled each year. Although, most people pay attention to see all of their favorite celebrities at their fashion peak.

Each guest pulls out all of the stops to try to create the best look based on the theme year after year. Past themes have included Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination and Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. This year’s theme, Camp: Notes on Fashion, highlights the flamboyant and fun aspects of fashion. The line between tacky and terrific was very fine this year, but these five individuals rocked it this year.


Billy Porter // Billy Porter always looks amazing on red carpets no matter what, but this one specifically was made for him to shine. Billy made camp three-dimensional with his elaborate entrance and made it into an experience like no other. This look was everything from the head piece all the way down to the wings.


Lady Gaga //I mean, come on. Lady Gaga owned the red carpet. With four outfits in under 15 minutes, she defined camp. Like Porter, she also made the red carpet an experience with a story of her many layers.


Janelle Monae // After seeing all of the looks from the night, I think I can confidently say that this is my favorite look. With camp it’s often difficult for thought and execution to go hand and hand, but it’s clear that Janelle nailed it. This look was PERFECT.


Kasey Musgraves // Kasey is truly an underdog who I did not expect to come out as a front runner, but she took on the challenge with camp head-on! She is a testament to any critic that says camp can only be ugly pieces with wild colors. Kasey’s gorgeous Barbie ensemble was just that - gorgeous, but still stayed on track with the theme.


Ezra Miller // Ezra’s look literally blew me away. His vision was so shocking and unexpected, but so well executed! His look grabbed you and made you not want to ever look away. While some other men on the red carpet disappointed, Ezra made up for all of them!