Move Over Anxiety and a BIG Hello to Calmness, Relaxation, and Excitement


Anxiety is something that every one of us faces in life, whether that’s anxiety about speaking on stage or anxiety about an exam; we typically can’t get away from it. A bit of anxiety typically isn’t a bad thing as it can help us to prepare for opportunities and help us to make key decisions. However, if we become too anxious it can begin to hold us back and prevent us from achieving our goals and our aspirations.

If you have would love some tips on how you can overcome or manage your anxiety and say a BIG hello to calmness, relaxation and excitement keep reading as I have listed 5 tips below:

1) Visualise Using Pinterest Boards:
One of the best ways to feel calm, relaxed and excited in your life is to visualise good things happening in your life: You can do this by cutting out images of what makes you feel inspired, things you desire to have or see in your life and put it on your vision board. Or use Pinterest boards. Create boards that you can look at when you are feeling anxious, such as a board of rose gold items like an iPad, a laptop etc, a board full of shoes, a board full of relaxing holiday images and the list goes. Visualise having these good things in your life instead of visualising negative things and you’ll begin to feel calmer, less anxious more excited about your future.

2) Use Positive Affirmations:
What you say matters. Be sure to say good things that will boost your confidence and your self esteem everyday! One of the ways that you can do this is to write a list of at least good things about yourself (along with  things that you’d like to achieve) and say them out loud at least twice a day. Here are some examples: “I am successful”, “I am creative, talented smart”, “I am capable of achieving great things” etc.

3) Listen to Uplifting Podcast Shows:
Some of my favourite podcasts that I find to be super inspiring and uplifting are: Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfeld (Amy’s voice is very relaxing to listen to and you’ll get some of the best tips for building your online business, if you have one), I also love Joel Osteen’s Podcast as it’s always so positive and encouraging. Find podcasts that make you feel uplifted and tune in whenever you feel discouraged.

4) Cut Down on Caffeine:
There is so much research that indicates that caffeine is not good for anxiety, it makes it worse and so therefore try switching to decaf (if possible) or drink less caffeinated coffee, tea and less sugary drinks. This tip alone could significantly reduce your anxiety.

5) Put Some Good Music and Dance:

One of the best ways to turn your anxiety into your excitement is to move your body.     Create a playlist with songs that make you feel good. And spend at least 15-30 minutes dancing a day doing this. Not only will you feel uplifted you’ll have more strength to do important activities. Anxiety can’t stick around if you are having fun.