21 Before 21


It’s crazy to think that in exactly 30 days from now I will be 21. Time seriously flies by - where the heck does it go?! I feel like 2019 has already been a year filled with so many trials and tribulations, and it’s not even half-way over! (lol)

In the last couple of weeks, the fact that I’m turning 21 has really been hitting me. This is the month/year I was supposed to be graduating from college - and instead I am already 4 years deep into my career - aka #adulting super hard. It’s an interesting feeling because it is mixed with pride for accomplishing so much in my professional life before turning 21, but also if I am honest, sort of feeling like I put so many things in my personal life on the backburner. So I decided I am going to make myself a month long bucket list of 21 things to accomplish before I turn 21.

And you know what the best part is? I am committing to not beating myself up if I don’t do it all. Setting goals is so tricky - we all get told to do it, and to dream big and shoot for the stars! And then if we set unrealistic goals for ourselves based on our current situations, we feel bad about ourselves when we don’t reach them all - which has the ripple effect of leaving us disenfranchised on the whole goal-setting propaganda.

So, here we go! No pressure, and in no particular order. Updates to follow in June!

  1. Read every day

  2. Invest more time in my friendships

  3. Write two more articles for Undeniable Life

  4. Finish my website/blog

  5. Stick with my new drink account (shoutout to @undeniablythirsty)

  6. Pick up 2 new marketing clients

  7. Finally get new glasses

  8. New hair, new me?

  9. Do something completely spontaneous

  10. Spend a full day with no social media

  11. Volunteer

  12. Make something with my hands

  13. Practice gratitude every day

  14. Sell my old car

  15. Travel somewhere fun

  16. Spring clean

  17. Try a new class at the gym

  18. Drink 80 oz of water a day

  19. Organize all of my finances for the year so far

  20. Clean up my phone/computer/email inbox

  21. Do something outside of my comfort zone