5 Common Mistakes that Students Make that Could Cost You Your Degree


You are an ambitious, intelligent student, you have big dreams and you want to do exceptionally well in your studies. And on top of that, you’re loaded with great potential but if you’re honest sometimes you struggle with doing your best in your studies and perhaps you’ve secretly worried about failing some of your modules at University or  getting a slightly lower grade than you are capable of or even failing your degree.

If you have ever wondered what you can do to completely avoid doing the things that lead to discouraging results at University then totally read this article.

Below I’ve listed 5 Common Mistakes that Students Make that Could Cost you your Degree:


Plagiarism can happen in different ways, for instance when you copy work from another student then submit it as your work or when you add in quotes in your work but fail to cite where you got these quotes from. Some of the best ways to avoid this is to always create original work, reference your work correctly when you are adding in quotes or when you are referring to theorists. Do not copy work word for work as this type of behaviour can make you fail your coursework or even fail your degree.

2. Leaving everything to the last minute:

One of the ways to create overwhelm and stress in your studies is to leave everything to the last minute. Students that do this often are usually at risk of submitting their work in late which can lead to disqualification, losing marks and in some cases having to re-do a module. One of the best ways to combat this is to set yourself some rewards for completing tasks as an incentive to get your work done on time and always remind yourself of why you are doing your Degree in the first place. A strong enough ‘Why’ could give you the motivation that you need to push for success and meet deadlines.

3. Not attending classes:

Skipping classes regularly can lead to being kicked off the course. So attending your classes as much as possible truly is the key. Commitment is very necessary if you want to pass your degree with flying colours. However, there are times when missing lessons is unavoidable for instance if you have to miss classes due to health reasons, hospital visits or if you are travelling. In instances like these, be sure to inform your Academic advisor, your Lecturer, your tutor or your head of year, and bring in a doctor's note if you need to submit it as evidence.

4. Poor Planning:

One of my favourite quotes on planning is this: ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’ by Benjamin Franklin. This quote is powerful as effective planning truly is one of the best ways to ensure that you succeed on your Degree programme. Map out a solid plan each semester with steps laid out in regards to how and when you are going to revise for exams, steps that you’ll take to complete your course work, and work through your plan consistently. The pay off will be golden if you don’t give up.

5. Lack of Motivation:

I recently went to speak at a University in Amsterdam in front of a group of students, I asked the students what they think can negatively affect a student’s performance and one of the points that they mentioned is a lack of motivation. A lack of motivation truly is one of the biggest reasons why students eventually give up on their studies or fail to keep up with assignments.  Motivation is so important as it’s one of the most important skills for academic success. One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated in your studies is to find a study buddy and meet up at least once a week, m hang out together in the library and do your work for a couple of hours (or for several hours). Encourage each other with text messages and phone calls and keep each other accountable.  Sometimes doing it alone just won’t help you in your education. You need the support of other students at times truly achieve your objectives and aims.