Coachella 2019


Coachella, the infamous desert fashion show that fascinates the most famous through for this remarkable music and a ticket for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Coachella just wrapped up for the year with the one of the best lineups which includes Ariana Grande, Khalid, and Childish Gambino. Through the years this music festival has hosted youtubers, influencers, actors/actresses, and common people from all over the world. Some of the best outfits have come out of this festival through the perfect partnership between fashion and music. First, this concert attracted only the bohemian hippies but now Coachella attracts every single person from the glamorous to the basically naked. So many styles are now seen at Coachella, which is incredible for all those who scroll through Instagram waiting for the outfits from their favorite concert goers to be posted. In this article I will be discussing a few of the many people whose outfits gave off much controversy this year.


Vanessa Hudgens/// Vanessa Hudgens, also known as the queen of Coachella, has created the best bohemian chic looks since the beginning. She never fails to make a look that “wows” a crowd. This look is the cliché outfit that was seen many years ago from all the festival goers. Although this outfit was not very new to Coachella, it brought back the Coachella its roots. Sounds weird to say but this outfit was almost nostalgic, it defines Coachella. This year one of her three outfits drew much controversy. It was the first time that Vanessa had went a little different than the hippie she is usually dressed as. Her rose gold fur slippers were new to her wardrobe and new to her Coachella style.

James Charles/// It would be wrong to do a review of fashion at Coachella if James Charles was not included. He is usually seen showing a lot of skin and breaking social norms with his bold outfits. This year James stuck to his usual piece of his famous bootylicious pants. Everyday he wore a different pair of pants that had the everybody’s jaw dropping. His outfits are not for all, some people have very strong opinions about his outfits and makeup. But, it is more important to realize the confidence he portrays with every outfit. No matter how many stares, eye rolls, or mean comments James gets he continues to make content and speak out to the world through fashion, makeup, and YouTube.


Billie Eilish/// Performer and singer/songwriter, Bilie Eilish went from on the stage to off the stage in minutes. Her performance look to her Coachella look was very similar. Billie’s music has grown much popularity this year which is why her performance on stage thrilled the crowd- to say the least. Usually Billie goes for the big and baggy look. Many fashionistas wanted to see her create something out of her box and go skin tight and scandalous. Unfortunately, she stuck to what she is most comfortable with and stayed big and baggy. But, she created her look in a very unconventional way. She stayed the Billie way but still managed to go outside of her comfort one- which is exactly what Coachella is made for. If you are wondering what she wore, the photo down below speaks for itself!