Managing Curly Hair


Curly hair is both a blessing and a curse.

And no, I’m not talking about the minutest wave in perfectly straight hair. I’m talking big, wild, frizzy curls that take every opportunity to get tangled, knotted, or in your mouth.

I have such hair, and I love it (even when it gets tangled, knotted, or in my mouth). Although, there are some times when - when the bristles on my brush break in my quest to tame the wild beast - I eye a pair of scissors and wonder if I should just chop it all off.

But, when managed and cared for correctly, curly hair can be fun, bouncy, and absolutely gorgeous. My tips may not work for you, but I’d love to help even a few people. Below are some of my personal tips that I’ve garnered through experience!

For less work, keep it long

I’ve gone boy-short. Seeing all of my locks tumble to the ground as the hairdresser went snip snip snip took a huge weight off of my shoulders (and head). At first, it was great. It took little to no time getting ready in the morning and it looked amazing.

But then, I decided that I wanted to grow my hair long again. And I forgoed the trims and let my hair grow. Those were some of the worst hair days in my life.

My hair was that awkward stage between short and medium for, what seems like, an eternity. It wasn’t long enough to braid or put in a pony, but it wasn’t short enough to just leave as is. As a result, my head looked like a horizontal football from my curls poofing out at my ears. Sigh.

So, unless you’re prepared and committed to deal with the upkeep of short hair (or growing it out again) just leave it long. Longer hair also weighs down your curls and reduces frizz!

Guard your conditioner with your life


Once, I went maybe one month without conditioner. I don’t know why - I don’t know why I would subject myself to such torture - but I did.

And I didn’t realize it back then, but that month when I only used shampoo on my head, my hair was greasy, knotted, and frizzy. It hurt so much to brush or even finger-comb.

Not even kidding, the instant I slathered conditioner on my scalp again, I realized how stupid I’d been.

So, if you have to choose between conditioner or shampoo for one reason or another, definitely snatch up the former.

CAUTION: Don’t brush when dry

One of the worst things you can do with curly hair is to run a brush through it when it’s dry. Before you can blink, frizz pops up and coats your nice curls in a frothy mess. Personally, I can’t even brush my hair when it’s damp.

Brush your hair straight after the shower, and make sure not to forget to brush out the tangles in your ends too.

Also, I finger-comb my hair in the shower, under the running water. Finger-combing it helps disperse the tangles so you have less to do when you brush it after, and also spreads the shampoo/conditioner evenly through your tresses.

If you spot some frizz in a corner of your hair, don’t try to brush it out. Trust me, it’ll make it even worse.

Use a headband

Throughout the week, I cycle through hairstyles. Usually the day after I wash my hair, I leave my hair down; the next day, I put it in a ponytail. When it’s really tangled, I put it in a bun.

But on days when my hair’s nice enough to leave down, or when I want to protect my ringlets, I (sometimes put it in a braid) usually just slip on a headband! Ponytails stretch out my curls, making half of my head wavy/straight and the other half curly. Buns do the same.

So headbands and braids are often the best option. Braids might alter your curl pattern or direction, but headbands preserve them.

Thanks for reading! Again, I’d love to read your own advice and experience with curly hair! Some of these might not work for you, so lemme know what you use in the comments below. Have a nice rest of your day and remember to love your hair!