The Apps That Get Me Through The Day

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It’s probably safe to say that ~most~ of us live on our phones. Technology is such a blessing and such a curse,  and I had really tried to make it a goal of mine to limit my screen time this year. Now - let me just preface this with the fact that my most of my job is digital marketing which makes it very difficult to not spend hours of my day enthralled in my iPhone, but of course it’s way harder than it sounds.

As I attempted to do so,  however, I realized what apps I found myself needing versus just aimlessly wasting time on. I decided to round these up for our ULife readers! Now disclaimer: You may be expecting some super cool, new, cutting-edge apps. None of these are. These are your standard applications that probably everyone has heard of. I feel like it’s human nature to always try to over-complicate things (#guilty) and then we always end up coming back to the basics - which are usually the best to begin with. So here are my tried and true apps!

Google Calendar - I highly encourage everyone to get fluent in Google Calendar and to use Google’s app (AKA not just syncing your GC to the Apple calendar).  Personally, I really do not like the Apple calendar app. I just don’t find it nearly as user friendly or easy to read as the Google Calendar app. I find myself constantly checking this app to make sure I add the right appointments in, and stick to my timeblock! (More on that another time)

Lightroom - I LOVE taking photos and am a tad obsessed with Instagram. I have used every photo editing app under the sun and used to swear by Priime, then VSCO, and now I can’t imagine not using Lightroom. I downloaded some great presets from Etsy and I am hooked! I take hundreds of photos a week and I love seeing how I can take the most drab photo and with just a couple clicks make it insta-worthy!

UNUM - On that Instagram note - a large part of my less-screen-time goal was to not spend so much time on Instagram.  Social media has so many positives and negatives, but I always find myself playing the comparison game and never posting my photos because of all the pressure around it. But when I say I have HUNDREDS of amazing pictures from all of my travels, and day-to-day, I mean it! And UNUM gives me an escape to focus on the part of Instagram I love most which is curating beautiful content. This app lets you plan out Instagram feeds, and map out your posts. I use this for all of my marketing clients as well, and it’s my version of a jigsaw puzzle!

Notes - There are a million of different note-taking apps, and I have tried so many but I always find myself coming back to the standard notes app on my phone. It’s simple and easy-to-use, and I love that I can just pick up where I left off right away on my laptop. I find this especially helpful for to-do lists or drafting emails/instagram captions. Typing things up is so much easier on the computer, and then editing and sending/posting can just be finalized on the phone. Plus, I love the checklist ability on it so you can actually check off items on your to-do lists! (or packing lists!)

Audible/Spotify - I spend so much time driving, and luckily both Audible and Spotify sync with my Apple Car Play. Depending on the day and my mood I can easily swap between the two and listen to audiobooks and/or music. It sounds so simple but honestly these are the best apps!