10 Fabulous Cities that I've Travelled to (That You Should Visit Too)


One of the things that I've loved doing since I was a little child is travelling. Travelling is such an amazing way to experience new cultures, meet new people, soak up the beauty that’s in this big world and discover more about yourself. Below I’ve listed some of my favourite cities that I’ve travelled to and I truly think that you might love these cities too.


This city is known as the greatest city in the world and I must admit that I totally agree. It's more beautiful than you can ever imagine. Some of my favourite things that I did when I travelled there is I visited the big shopping complex, I went to Jumeira Beach, visited the gold market, went to the safari desert and watched amazing live performances, ate delicious food at amazing restaurants, bought some kaftans and bought some gorgeous oud perfumes. I definitely recommend visiting Dubai as there are so many exciting activities to do for tourists and the weather is always amazingly hot. You’ll find some time of the tallest and most fascinating buildings in the world in Dubai.  

2. Venice:

This has to be one of the best cities that I’ve ever visited. I travelled here many years ago when I was in my teens we arrived by boat (after staying at Milan). Venice is truly a beautiful city with such a historical feel, it’s super perfect for couples as it also has a very romantic vibe. There are so many cafes to choose from, I truly loved the Italian food and the gelato. Above all, you can totally go shopping in Venice too which makes it even more fun.

3. Brighton:

I must confess that Brighton has to be my favourite UK city (just after London). I've been to Brighton more times than I can count and I enjoy being there so much. It’s a small yet mighty city with a beautiful stoney beach which is one of Brighton’s biggest attractions, you can also visit the fun fair which is close to the beach, stay at amazing hotels, do lots of shopping and it's perfect for getting some traditional fish and chips. Above all the atmosphere is always lively with very upbeat with people living there that are similar to Londoners.

4. Paris:

I competed in a Beauty Pageant grand final in Disneyland Paris (a few years ago) and it was a magical experience for me. I truly loved going all over Disneyland, going on the rides and meeting Disney characters such as Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse. We also had the opportunity to visit the Eiffel Tower where we got to see it lit up at night and took lots of photos. We also checked out the designer stores and I can truly tell you that shopping in Paris is a must. You’ll most certainly love the luxurious stores in Paris.

5. Abuja:

I’ve always heard that Abuja (the capital of Nigeria) is like London and I have to say that this is true. I truly LOVED visiting this city as it brings me back to my home culture, as my background is Nigerian. The weather, music, food and culture will not disappoint you as you’ll LOVE them all. I love the fact that Nigerians are so friendly and inviting. They truly make people feel welcome. And that’s something that you’ll truly notice if you travel there. If you are keen to visit Nigeria one day totally check out this city as it’s truly beautiful.

6. Sofia:

Sofia is the beautiful capital of Bulgaria and I’ve had the opportunity to travel to this place 8 times. Some of the things that I love doing in this city is visiting historical museums and buildings like ‘Alexander Nevsky Cathedral’, going to Bulgarian restaurants, visiting parks and going shopping. Some of the best beaches that I truly love are (in Bulgaria) are Sunny Beach and Golden Sands Beach in Varna. These beaches are truly full of life and entertainment.

7. Amsterdam:

Believe it or not, I've never been to Amsterdam before until just last month. And when I arrived, it didn't take me long before I felt like I could literally move there. Amsterdam is very multi-cultural, there are many fabulous restaurants all over and great transportation with many options such as the metro, trams, and trains. Going to places in Amsterdam is so easy and affordable.

8. Istanbul:

I literally had one of the best times ever when I travelled to Turkey! The people were so warm and loving, the culture and atmosphere are full of liveliness and excitement. Taxis Square is my fave place in Istanbul as it’s full of shops, shops, shops! This place truly reminded me of Oxford Street in London. To top it off I had the opportunity to experience Turkish entertainment on a 3.5-hour of the Bosphorus Strait cruise, and I was given an opportunity to sing live on the boat which was one of my best life experiences ever!

All of the attractions in Istanbul makes it truly is a city that’s worth visiting.

9. New York:

This city is definitely one of the greatest in the world for sure! I mean who doesn’t love New York City? It’s multi-cultural, it’s a full service city and it totally reminds me of London Trafalgar Square (big time) I loved so many things about New York when I travelled there, such as the look of the taxi’s, the beautiful lit up buildings and bill boards (especially at night) I loved the fast paced lifestyle, the American culture and of course the food.

10. Kent:

I’ve organised many events in Kent and competed in pageants in Kent too. Here are some of the beautiful things that you can enjoy in Kent. First of all you can enjoy the British culture, beautiful attractions such as parks and historical buildings. Kent is full of shopping centres and stores that you’ll just adore especially Blue Water. One of the things that I enjoyed doing once is travelling to Paris by Ferry via Folkestone Kent. I totally recommend it.