How the Billie Razor is Changing the Shaving Game

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It was like the stars aligned, the random night when I was scrolling my Instagram feed and saw these cute but edgy shaving posts. Curious about what Billie was, I went to their page, to discover that they were a women’s shaving brand who wanted women to love shaving. I personally would either use wax or depilatories, because I didn’t have the patience to shave. After reading review after review online and on various forms of social media, about how much everyone loved their Billie razor and couldn’t imagine life without it, I decided to take the plunge!

What I find really cool with this razor, is that it is a subscription-based service. It costs $9 to get your starter kit, and then $9 to send you your replacement cartridges. What I love about their subscription service that most others don’t do, is that you choose the frequency of how often they ship your replacement cartridges to you, based off of how often you shave. For example, if you are the shave everyday type of gal, then you will get your new cartridges once a month; every other day shave gal, then they will ship new ones every two months; finally, if you are the once per week or sparingly shave type of gal, then they will ship cartridges every three months to you. I’ll be honest because we’re all friends here and say that I’m a lazy shaver, so I opted to get new cartridges every three months.
After placing my order, my starter kit finally arrived in the mail about one week later! It felt like opening a package on Christmas. Upon opening the box, a protective bag inside held my new razor which I got in the color dreampop, one extra cartridge as my razor already had one on, and a magnetic shower holder. Billie advertises that you can use it with or without shaving cream, so I did a test run without it during my shower. The razor glided with ease over my skin and though I’ve never touched one, I felt as smooth as a dolphin! What was even better, was that I noticed my hair didn’t start growing back until about 5-6 days after my shave, another major win!

Something else I love about Billie, is that they are anti-pink tax, we need way more companies following suit! Their razors come in a few different colors that you can choose from upon ordering, and when I say those five blades do their job, I mean it. You can also alter the frequency of your future cartridges online, and their staff are super friendly and helpful. If you are looking at changing your shaving routine, or making it a little more fun, I highly recommend Billie. All other shaving companies should watch out, I think Billie is here to stay!