5 Fashion Rules to Follow when Working from Home


Working from home as an entrepreneur, freelancer or as a small business owner can sound pretty glamorous but it isn’t always easy! After all you no longer get the luxury of having a heap of work colleagues all around you as you would have when you worked in your corporate job, you also have the complete liberty to wear what you want when you want. This can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing if you allow yourself to wear your pyjamas everyday.

So if you’d like some tips and ideas of what to wear and pieces to add to your wardrobe then this ones for you.

Here are 5 Fashion Rules to Follow when Working from Home

1) Get rid of clothes, shoes and handbags and other pieces that no longer make you smile:
One of the ways to block your abundance, money flow, success and clients is when you have stuff that no longer makes you feel excited about your business and your life. One of the things that I LOVE to do is get declutter my wardrobe, I usually love sending one or two bags of clothes, shoes and other unwanted items to charity. I do this several times a year. This is a great way to open up yourself to having more of the stylish clothes, shoes and other pieces that you actually LOVE instead of just having lots of stuff that makes you cringe.

2) Wear what makes you feel good:

Since you are working from home you no longer have to wear smart clothes or a uniform from 9-5. You literally get to wear the kind of clothes that makes you feel good. After all you your the BOSS! So stock up on a variety of clothes that makes you feel good. Be sure to have a combination of different clothes that you adore which can include casual wear, glamorous clothes, jeans, track suits, smart wear, floral floral dresses and even evening wear for those exquisite events that you might just get an exclusive invitation to.

3) Experiment with a variety of colours:  

Change things up by adding colour into your wardrobe. When you feel like you need a boost in your business wear bright coloured clothes like yellow (especially with summer just around the corner) pink, green

and turquoise blue. And when you want to wear something that makes you feel chilled out and mellow wear colours like grey, khaki and navy blue. And make this really FUN by going one step further. Consider  booking an appointment with a stylist or a colourist who can help you discover a range of colours and stylish outfits that you can wear that will make working from home more amazing than ever before. And above all be sure to wear your brand colours (once in a while too) as this is a great way to represent your brand. Inspiring women entrepreneurs such as Denise Duffield-Thomas and Alex Beadon tend to do this very well so check them out.

4) Add some sparkle to your wardrobe:

Glitter makeup, sequin dresses, sparkly shoes, crystal jewellery and other shiny pieces can really make you stand out when you are on camera, on your Instagram stories, on your YouTube videos and on your Facebook live streams. Adding a bit of sparkle to your life truly is the key. Not only is it fun but it’s what celebrities do. Wear something sparkly at least once a week and especially during your company launches, photo shoots, video shoots and over the festive season as it’s always a great way to standout and shine. Think Kylie Jenner, think Met Gala. Now I’m not saying you need to go all out 24/7 but don’t be afraid to true something new even if it’s as simple as wearing a pink sequin top with your favourite jeans. Oh and if you want some sparkly makeup recommendations totally consider Barry M, Sleek and Mac Cosmetics.

5) Wear smart clothes for all things professional:  

You are going to have those moments when you’ll need (or want) to step up your game and dress super professional when working from home. This could be because you had a few lazy days where you wore nothing but matching tracksuits for 3 days in a row or maybe you’ll have this desire because of an upcoming video call with a huge prospect sponsor and you want to look your best to increase your chances of landing the deal. Either way welcome smart clothes into your wardrobe as you’ll totally need them one day. Consider buying a few sophisticated outfits, a couple of new suits and own at least two court shoes. Try and wear something smart at least once in a while as it can be a great way to make you feel like a powerful boss lady...especially on those days when you have important meetings, interviews or when you truly want to make an impression around your clients, fans or your audience. A leading entrepreneur that does this super well is Marie Forleo. She wears super stylish wear, casual wear and gorgeous smart outfits in her videos and she looks incredible.