The Best All-Natural Beauty Products

I would in no way call myself a beauty guru, but I do believe in the power of sustainability and weaving eco-friendly components into the fashion industry. Everyone has their own cosmetic favorites but here are a few products that are both good for the environment, good for you, and still great to incorporate into your everyday routine. Everyone's skin is different which means that everyone’s reaction will not be the same, but these are a few of my personal favorites in the all-natural industry.

article 2 (june) kopari.PNG

  The first product, Kopari Deodorant, is already very popular fan-favorite. Not only does this deodorant, and brand in general, use ingredients beneficial for your skin the environment, but has an irresistible coconut smell. The all-natural ingredients have proven to decrease the chance of irritation and goes on smooth. Additionally, unlike other all-natural deodorants, Kopari has long lasting sweat resisting components. I would highly recommend this all-natural product because of the benefits provided for your skin and the environment.

article 2 (june) burts bees.PNG

  The next product is Burt Bee's lipstick! Burt's Bees is infamous for having consistent products that praise their all-natural ingredients. With different shades for different skin tones this lipstick is hands-down a personal favorite and guilt free. Burt's Bees in general is a noteworthy company and I highly suggest trying a variety of their products. Not only does this lipstick have long lasting coverage but is made with ingredients good for your skin.

article 2 (june) essential oils.PNG

  This next product is a very general product with no specific label (but just as significant to note): essential oils. With my favorite scent being lavender, essential oils are obviously all-natural and has a long-lasting smell. Without using harmful chemicals essential oils do not give me a reaction (like other perfumes with mysterious ingredients) and their multi-purpose use is iconic. From essential oil diffusers, to stomach pain relief, to perfume, this product is fun to stick in your bag for all occasions.

  The next product, like essential oils, is infamous for being all-natural and without toxic ingredients. This product is everyone's favorite: coconut oil! Coconut oil is by far my favorite product on the market and can be used for almost everything. You can use this miracle product for split ends, dry skin, makeup, and my favorite, cookies. The brand I praise and highly recommend is Cocovit, but there are dozens of companies out there rushing to join the all-natural bandwagon.

No matter what staples you have in your beauty routine it is important to treat yourself and your skin on the daily!