PR Mistakes to Cut Out all Together (When Pitching to be Media)


I’ve pitched to the Media hundreds if not over 1000 times over the years, and I’ve secured so many interviews, features, publications, press and good PR for myself and for my clients. I had attracted publicity when I was a beauty queen, when I was a Pageant Director, when I did a lot of Motivational Speaking, Singing and TV Presenting work and every month (in my current title) as a Publicist. Now I’m not saying this to brag but rather to let you know that I’m a PR Expert that has a lot of experience with the media and I know what they like and what they dislike.

So if you’d like to attract lots of publicity for your business too totally sit tight, grab a notebook and jot down some notes while I give you a list of PR Mistakes to Cut Out all Together (When Pitching to be Media).

Pitch to the Media and follow up (but don’t be a stalker):

Be sure to send media pitches via email or by post if you dream of getting featured in the media and if you don’t hear anything totally feel free to follow up with the media 2-4 weeks later. Sometimes you will need to follow up sooner (if you have an important deadline to meet ), and in some cases it’s better to follow up a few months later. Although, when you do pitch and follow up be sure to do everything respectfully and with elegance and grace if you are truly serious about getting media coverage. If you act super annoying by following up everyday for the next 14 days you’ll totally repel PR and possibly get blocked too.

Don’t rely too much on being featured in specific sources:

One of the biggest mistakes that most entrepreneurs, Influencers and aspiring Celebrities make is they have their heart centered on being interviewed on specific shows, publications and magazines like Forbes, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, The Today Show, Business Insider and the list goes on. The good thing about this is you’re being ambitious and ambition is one of the best ways to attract publicity! So keep dreaming lovely person. But the bad thing about this is most people fail to open themselves up to smaller media opportunities such as local press, local publications and smaller TV and Radio shows. And I’m here to let you know that this is a big mistake. How can you expect mainstream media/ mass media platforms to take you seriously and feature you on such big platforms if you have 0 publicity for your brand? Get out there and do small interviews, get featured in smaller magazines, go on small podcast shows and work your way up to the top. That way when you or your publicist pitches to these top sources in the near future, they'll be more likely to say yes to featuring you because you’ll have good media experience and good PR under your belt.

Don’t Waste the Media’s Time:

One of the best ways to pitch totally annoy the media is to pitch to the media, hear back from the media then do a disappearing act. Wasting the media’s time isn’t a good thing to do (however it can happen to the best of us so don’t beat yourself up). If you’ve ever wondered why you might waste the media’s time after hearing back from them I’m gonna break it down for you by giving you two common reasons below:

1. Self-sabotage: you didn’t truly expect to hear back from the media so you are in shock and you aren’t sure of what to say or how to follow through with their email response. Perhaps the journalist said something like this “Dear Janice, thanks for your pitch, we are highly interested in featuring you, simply send us your media kit or your press release and we’ll put something together”. When you receive the email you have no idea what a media kit is or a media kit so you or you have no idea how to get things done and sent to the media in a timely manner so you panic and disappear.

2. An upper limit problem: you don’t truly believe that you deserve to be in the media so you don’t feel comfortable following through with sending the media what they want.

One of the ways to overcome these two reasons listed above is to have some accountability in place. For instance you could hire a PR and Media Coach who can support you so that you don’t end up  losing good opportunities due to self-sabotage or hire a Publicist to do the pitching (and following through with the work) for you so that you don’t end up messing the media around. If it’s not your zone of genius to be your own PR person don’t force, simply get the help that you need and you’ll end up with so many more amazing media bookings than you can ever imagine.