Beauty Pageants: How to Win a National Crown and Title


One of my favourite and most rewarding experiences in my life is when I used to compete in beauty pageants. I ended up winning several crowns, titles and awards and then went on to set up my own beauty pageant which came with many wins, successes and of course some challenges. 

Having worked with hundreds of girls and women in the pageant world and I’ve noticed patterns and habits that are often present in winners and likewise patterns and habits in girls and women that don't win. 

So if you have a National beauty pageant coming up and if you’d like some tips on how you can win the crown. You’re in for a treat as I’ve got lots of juicy tips for you below. Grab a journal and take some notes. 

1) Carry yourself with high levels of elegance and grace.

2) Nail your interview technique: Improve your interview skills by doing mock interviews with friends, family or your pageant coach. This is one of the best ways for you to shine when you are being interviewed by the judges during the interview round and when you are being interviewed by the Presenter on stage.

3) Make pageant friends: One of the best ways to enjoy beauty pageants is to surround yourself with other amazing beauty queens that are on a mission to be great role models like you. There is a myth that there’s so much drama and cat fights back stage in beauty pageants but realistically this is just not true in most cases. Pageant girls tend to be really sweet and you'll probably make some of your best friends when you compete in beauty pageants. 

4) Whiten your Teeth: A great way to accentuate your smile just in time for pageant day is to get your teeth whitened. Your smile can literally increase your chances of winning the crown so definitely consider this investment if you can afford it. And if you can’t afford to invest in teeth whitening then consider some natural alternatives such as using coconut oil or baking soda.

5) Ooze with confidence and charisma: The judges want to see you light up the room and own the stage so go out there and do that. 

6) Discover the qualities, behaviour, mindset secrets and attitude that you must develop to increase your chances of winning a National or International Crown and title by doing lots of research on the pageant world. Find out what the judges are looking for, what they like and what they dislike. 

7) Hire a Pageant Coach or go for Pageant Training.   

8) Improve your catwalk, posture and your poise. 

9) Become the BEST version of you (No more settling for an average version of you). 

10) Get fit and healthy: As much as we’d like to believe that it’s all about inner beauty and charity work the judges are also looking for someone that looks after their body too, so look after your temple, work 3-5 times a week, eat more fruits and vegetables, cut down on junk food and get fit for the competition. 

11) Never give up on your dream of winning the crown: No matter how many times you don't win, just keep bouncing back, enter another competition and try again. You will succeed eventually. Most winners have placed many times before they won the overall crown and title so keep going. Your big moment is coming any moment from now.