Disappointment Sucks: How to Bounce Back from it when it Happens

Disappointment can be one of those short or long term  experiences that can make us feel really crappy in life. And sometimes it’s even somewhat devastating! It often comes into our lives in different ways typically after something not so good happens such as failing an exam that you studied really hard for, not getting your dream job even though you were convinced that you’d get it, a breakup in a relationship, a friend that didn’t invite you to her party and the list goes on. 

You can literally be one of the most positive people in life, you could smile 24/7, sing the sweetest songs in the world and dance all day in the rain and you still won’t be able to do enough to avoid the pain of disappointment.

So instead of hoping that it will never happen, instead of blocking it out or resisting it instead decide today to  learn how to handle it better, learn how to cope and overcome it so that you’ll be able to bounce back stronger and more powerfully. 

1.Understand that disappointment is normal: 

Know that it’s totally normal to feel down when things don’t go your way, and it’s totally normal to feel bad, annoyed, frustrated or even sad. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling upset if you didn’t get the car you wanted, or if you didn’t get an invite to the wedding, just know that everyone has faced disappointment in life, and someone out there is going through exactly what you are going through right now so you are never alone. If someone walked out of your life it's often their loss not yours and if you weren't accepted for the job that you had you’d heart set on - just know that a bigger and better job is coming. I really do believe in this saying ‘It’s this or something better’ and this one ‘Everything happens for a reason’. Let’s these two sayings fill you with hope today. 

2. Learn the lessons that you need to learn: 

Often disappointments come with a blessing and one of the blessings that’s hidden in disappointment is we get to see how we can improve something next time, we get to see the mistakes that we made, we realise where we went wrong, we learn who our real friends are, we learn who truly doesn’t like us after all, we find out who the users are, pretentious people, the haters, the frienemies and those who don’t actually have our backs. It’s almost as if God gives us a flashlight to truly see things from a totally different perspective. So learn the lessons my friend. Journal and ask yourself those tough questions such as ‘What can I learn from this?’, ‘What will I do differently next time?’, ‘What chances do I need to make so that this doesn’t happen again?’, ‘What blessing is hidden in this disappointment?’. And totally let the lessons make you wiser and stronger in the future. 

3. Read inspirational quotes and success stories to build yourself back up again: 

One of the things that has really helped me to bounce back from disappointment is to read inspirational stories, biographies, inspiring quotes and success stories. When business is slow I think of someone like the amazing Sir Richard Branson who endured so much to have the business of his dreams. Or when I feel like giving up, I think of J-lo who never gave up on her amazing dreams of being a Singer, Actress and a Dancer despite having no one to believe in her (in the early part of her career). Inspiration really can pull us through. Sometimes it comes through a song, when we read a book, when we journal, when we take a stroll through the park so don’t do this alone print out some inspiring quotes, talk to a good friend, buy a couple of really good biographies, watch some inspiring documentaries and gain strength from inspirational role models (that you highly admire) who have been in your shoes. 

4. Let go of negativity and anything that’s holding you back:

You’ll never overcome your discouragement if you hold on to all that went wrong in your life. Learn to let go of bad memories, bad thoughts that have held you back for years, bad feelings, unforgiveness and all forms of resentment, bitterness, rage. Also evaluate your relationships and choose to let go of wrong friends, unhealthy relationships and negative people that have kept you stuck. And choose to step into a bigger level of freedom, excitement and joy. Don't allow yourself to stay in a disappointed state for too long, don’t allow your to wallow in self-pity. You are a victor not a victim so get back up, try again, make the changes that you need to make then start going for your goals, dreams and aspirations again knowing that good things are just around the corner and bigger opportunities are looking for you right now. 

5. Believe that all will be well in the end: 

Never give up hope even if you’ve encountered some really trials and sorrows. Hope is something that can never be taken away from you if you choose to hold on to it. We might not always get what we want in life but always remember all that you have achieved in your life so far. Let your former successes, victories and wins remind you that you are doing amazing in this place called life. Let your former achievements fuel you to go out there and make something of yourself as you have everything it takes to do amazing things even if you experience a few hiccups on your journey.