Style Switch Ups

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Recently I went thrift shopping, and while I was perusing the vintage coats and lapel pins I started thinking about how much style fluxuates yearly. Many designs are recycled and brought back into modern dress wear from the past, and at the same time many new styles are invented or played with. Fashion is a tricky thing, and while it differs for every person it still remains an important part of almost all our lives. 

With summer coming to an end and plenty of new doors opening, it’s time to find the style we want to represent ourselves this year. 

The best way to dip your toes into the world of fashion is with an accessory, try out a pair of statement earrings or go retro with a fanny pack, something you can slip onto any outfit to make more interesting. Many people have been decorating their bags with kitschy pins or filling their hair with colorful clips. 

If you’ve graduated from 2019’s big trend of color blocking and colors too bright for the eye, then it’s time for you to enter the world of patterns. From simple gingham, to shirts decorated in cartoon animals, having fun with your clothing is the best way to dress. 

Of course, colder seasons are also approaching and jobs are hiring, so boost your comfort and confidence by purchasing a long button up coat, they add a flair to any outfit and can be paired with a simple pair of heels to create class. They’re a staple item and can last you plenty of years without losing their value. 

Dad shoes! Chunky old sneakers are making the biggest comeback of the century. From fila to balenciaga so many versions of this shoe are back in style. They can be worn with any outfit, toning down something more classy and fancy or making a super casual outfit look a bit more put together. You can get them in simple while or in a variety of crazy colors thrown together. 

One of my favorite trends that has come into play recently is the long belt. This kind of belt leaves people confused with why there’s so much excess material and at the same time leaves you looking remarkable. It can be added to casual streetwear, turning a worn out pair of jeans and old band t-shirt into an outfit people are dying to have. Even when a belt is unnecessary to your outfit, you’ll want to wear it. 

The slip dress is an iconic summer look, they come in so many styles and make it look like you’ve put effort into your look no matter how simple it was to just slip it on. Since summers fading out of sight it’s time to layer, layer, layer. Adding a long sleeved shirt underneath your dress creates the cutest chic look and keeps you warm. You can have a simple, one color shirt or throw in some spontaneous patterns and try mixing and matching. 

There are so many ways to explore fashion and explore the way you want to present yourself to the world, this is just one step in putting who you are on the inside on the outside. So turn up the volume of material girl, grab your wallet, and find your new style.