A Poem of the Gardens

After strolling around the Hershey Garden for an hour, I had a revelation. 

Today I wish to tell you a story. A revelation.

I am a girl. I woman from the planet. Running to find peace. 

I run to the garden.

I see my world.

The willowing of the trees

The bumbles of the bees

The air of the sky sweeps me.

Beauty is no longer about me.

Nature is good, despite the thorns.

Nature is good, despite the weeds.

Our vision is based on the reflection of light.

The sun, our universal necessity of life.

We see everything the same.

Until perception makes it different.

My skin rubs on the sticky rough surface of lemon grass

Leaving my fingertips with the aromas of mint and lavender. 

The vast colors of daisies, roses, sunflowers, and flowers I will never know seize me,

But to organisms which crawl, I am a guest.

I immediately despise my plastic water bottle. 


We see patterns in nature. Similarities in nature.

The dew on the grass, the tears we shed,

The leaves of the trees like hands, and I hold it

The long, caressed leaves like elephant ears

Berries blossoming, children singing.

Bell flowers, a glimpse of our history.

And color, an expression.

And forget not that the earth delights you to feel your bare feet and the wins long to play with your hair.” Said in The Prophet

I cannot help but wonder:

The species here, they grew, they evolved, they became a part of Darwin’s theory.

Humans think they can defy nature by being “more evolved”.  

When really, we are the same.

I am 1.68 meters. I am the descendant of a bacterium.

Children who experiment with song, they are descendants of fish, frogs, turtles, bees, lions, anything. 

We are all connected. I am a euphorbia. You are a peppermint.

Entangled within our DNA is not just the human soul.

The helixes are remnants of what we are descendants of. Cells from cells from cells. 

We are born from them.

And yet, we choose to destroy.

Peace is short. I open the door and enter my reality. The air conditioning sizzles against my dewy skin.

Gift shops. Souvenirs. 

But, in the midst of facing my reality of my society, my reflection sees a girl. A woman from the planet. Running to find peace in this world of combustion and rapid change.

And as I rise home in the car, trailing over roads of pavement, hearing the noise of honking horns,

I return. I am a part of this puzzle, waiting to never be solved.