Why It's Important to Relieve Stress and How to Do So


It is a well-known fact that stress is all-around awful and detrimental to your mental and physical wellbeing. If you are religious, stress is one of those annoying factors that can come between you and a strong spiritual wellbeing. A product of stress is the infamous procrastination, which has found a way of coming into all of our lives and ruining many fun occasions. Unfortunately, like many things in life, we cannot change certain situations or things but sometimes the way we respond can have a major impact on day to day life. Of course, there are situations that are so life-changing and catastrophic that the mere idea of not stressing seems so farfetched and out of reach. Every individual has their own unwritten story, but I am here to offer you some tips and tricks to finally relieve the pain of stress. 


    Stress can come in the form of fatigue, stomach aches, headaches, or a straight up bad mood. If you find that your bullet proof plan for life sometimes turns into shambles it is almost impossible to not stress. Whether it's a major or minor stressor, any form of stress is almost guaranteed to turn into discomfort. It is a natural human tendency to stress and in some cases, can he healthy. Stress not only keeps us alert but shows that we care about what's going on in our lives. Aside from this fact, not relieving stress is found to have life-long medical and mental health effects. Diving straight into ways to relieve stress, I recommend: 


  1. Journaling/Writing: Journaling is not only a great to way to express your current feelings, but can relieve a lot of built up stress. Being able to look back at what you have written and even how you have grown can be refreshing! 

  2. Going outside: This stress reliever sounds like a no brainer, but going outside and trying something you don’t traditionally do can be relaxing and take your mind off of whatever you are stressed out about. 

  3. Exercise: Exercise can come in many forms and you do not have to be apart of a team sport to relieve stress. Whether is going for a walk, run, or whatever you usually do, exercise is proven to reduce stress. 

  4. Hobbies: Everyone is interested in a wide variety of hobbies but engulfing your time and energy into something you are passionate about can be relaxing and rewarding! 

  5. Trying new things with friends: Spending time with friends is an obvious stress reliever, but exploring new hobbies and activities with others can be refreshing and healthy. 


It is important to understand that confronting stress and stressors is vital to relieving stress. Getting help and not distracting yourself from stress that needs attention is healthy, but finding joy in simple activities is always a good idea! Sometimes we cannot change situations but we can find ways to cope with what life throws at us. Always remember that self care is important and vital to success in many of your endeavors!